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10:34 PM3 hours ago

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10:32 PM3 hours ago

Grizzlies beat Spurs 120-108 to add another win to their season tally!

10:18 PM3 hours ago

Winning 111-103, the Grizzlies managed not only to stay ahead on the scoreboard, but to increase their lead!

10:17 PM3 hours ago

The Grizzlies take the lead and go on to win 100-99!

9:58 PM3 hours ago

Spurs beat Grizzlies 94-87 to take a seven-point lead!

9:47 PM3 hours ago

With a 15-point lead, the Spurs go on to beat the Grizzlies 88-73!

9:46 PM3 hours ago

With a 12-point lead, Spurs are ahead 70-58!

9:45 PM3 hours ago

The players are back on the court and the ball is flying for the third quarter!

9:20 PM4 hours ago

With a 17-point lead, Spurs beat the Grizzlies 68-51!

9:09 PM4 hours ago

Spurs go on to put a good lead on the scoreboard, winning 52-38!

8:54 PM4 hours ago

Spurs go on to put a good lead on the scoreboard, winning 52-38!

8:47 PM4 hours ago

The second quarter begins and Spurs are winning 35-26, with a good lead!

8:46 PM4 hours ago

Spurs go ahead and win 24-19!

8:15 PM5 hours ago

Spurs start the match well and go 12-6 up!

8:02 PM5 hours ago

The players appear on the court and the ball flies into the first half of the match!

7:14 PM6 hours ago

Now we open the broadcast of the NBA match between Spurs and Grizzlies!

7:09 PM6 hours ago

Do not miss a detail of the match with the live updates and commentaries of VAVEL. Follow along with us all the details, commentaries, analysis and lineups for this Grizzlies vs SpursĀ match.

6:59 PM6 hours ago

The last time he spoke to the press, Erik Spoelstra praised Victor Webanyama: “We’ve watched the videos and read the articles that have been published about Victor. In fact, to sum it up, we’ve heard everything everyone has said about the boy. But nothing will prepare you for seeing him in person. There’s no way to describe what he does on the court. You have to see him live to believe in him. “I think Victor has first and foremost ignited a great interest in Pop. And that’s impressive, because he’s managed so many different teams and players. Remember, we’re talking about one of the greatest managers in history. You always want to work with these totally unique players. It’s something that motivates.

6:54 PM6 hours ago

Spurs coach Gregg Popovich came to Webanyama’s defense after booing the player in his last game: “He’s a 19-year-old freshman. The season isn’t even a month old, and we’re already talking about it. This kid is still learning about the NBA. That’s why I’ve had a lot of patience, both in the formation of the team and in the minutes I’m going to use him. So I’m in no hurry. You shouldn’t be either. We’re figuring it all out together. He has playing preferences that I’m discovering. He’s understanding how to fit in. He’s had some fantastic games and he’s going to have some bad ones. Above all, that’s being a rookie. With time, consistency will increase. Then we’ll all be fine.

6:49 PM6 hours ago

Meanwhile on the Grizzlies side Brandon Clarke, Steven Adams, Marucs Smart, Luke Kennard, Derrick Rose and Xavier Tilman are out injured.

6:44 PM6 hours ago

The Spurs will be without Tre Jones and Devi Vassel, both injured.

6:39 PM6 hours ago

At the bottom of the table, the Grizzlies are bottom of the Western Conference with two wins and nine losses, with the Spurs just above them with three wins and nine losses. Still above them are the Trail Blazers, with three wins and eight losses, the Clippers, with three wins and seven losses, the Jazz, with four wins and seven losses, and the Suns and Pelicans, both with five wins and six losses.

6:34 PM7 hours ago

The Memphis Grizzlies, on the other hand, have two wins and three losses in their last games. On Sunday (5), they won 112-100 against the Trail Blazers. On Wednesday (8), a 108-102 defeat came against the Heat. On Friday (10), they lost 127-121 to the Jazz. On Sunday (12), by 105-101, the victory came against the Clippers and, on Wednesday (15) by 134-107, the defeat came against the Lakers.

6:29 PM7 hours ago

The San Antonio Spurs come into the match on the back of five straight defeats. On Wednesday (8), by 126-105, the defeat came against the Knicks. On Friday (10), they lost 117-110 to the Timbwewolves. On Sunday (12), by 118-113, the defeat came to the Heat. On Tuesday (14), by 123-87, the loss was to the Thunder and, on Friday (17), the defeat was by 129-120 to the Kings.

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