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Did you miss it? Our blind prophetess returns with chilling predictions for 2024, as if the past year hasn’t been challenging enough.

Earlier this year, we reported on the accuracy of Bulgarian mystic Baba Vanga, also known as the “Nostradamus of the Balkans,” in her prediction about Ukraine. The explosion of the Nova Kakhovka dam in southern Ukraine raised concerns about the nearby Zaporizhzhia nuclear power plant. Vanga foresaw a nuclear disaster before the year’s end.

Despite skepticism, believers argue that Vanga was 85% accurate, predicting events such as 9/11, the Chernobyl disaster, Princess Diana’s death, and Brexit.

Before delving into her ominous 2024 predictions, it’s essential to note that Baba Vanga passed away in 1996. Despite her demise, she left predictions for each year until the world’s supposed end in 5079. She attributed her “powers” to a tornado that left her blind.

Brace yourselves for the horrors she foretells.

So, what awaits us in 2024?

Let’s address the most pressing concern: Terrorist attacks. Vanga predicts a surge in terrorist activities, including a significant attack in Europe. Additionally, she anticipates a “major country” conducting nuclear weapons tests or attacks next year.

In 2024, Vanga envisions an assassination attempt on Russian President Vladimir Putin by a fellow countryman. The Kremlin consistently denies rumors of Putin’s poor health and cancer diagnosis.


The Mirror reports Vanga’s warning of an impending global economic crisis in 2024. She cites factors like rising debt, escalating geopolitical tensions, and a shift in economic power from the West to the East.

Vanga also predicts extreme weather events and natural disasters for the coming year, forecasting an unusual change in the Earth’s orbit leading to climate disruptions and increased radiation levels.

And it only gets worse…

The mystic anticipates a rise in cyber attacks, addressing advanced hackers targeting vital infrastructures like power grids and water treatment facilities, posing threats to national security.

Despite the predominantly grim predictions, Vanga offers a glimmer of hope. She foresees medical breakthroughs and new treatments for incurable diseases like Alzheimer’s and a potential cure for cancer. Additionally, she envisions a quantum computing breakthrough, accelerating artificial intelligence.

It’s crucial to note that some predictions, such as biological weapon use, a cancer cure, and altering Earth’s orbit, were also in her 2023 predictions. As interpretations of her vague words vary, the accuracy and timing remain uncertain.

Vanga’s inaccuracies

Vanga has had occasional inaccuracies, such as her prediction of an alien invasion and a solar storm causing total darkness in 2023, which have thus far proved false.

What’s still to come?

Prior to her death, Vanga predicted Europe would be under Islamic leadership by 2043, communism’s return by 2076, and the resolution of the world hunger crisis between 2025 and 2028.

In 2304, humans supposedly achieve time travel, followed by man-made natural disasters from 2341 rendering Earth uninhabitable. Fear not, as Vanga claims human immortality, assimilation with aliens, and communication with God by 4302.

The world’s end, according to her, is only in 5079.

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