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Jakarta. A number of Astra’s subsidiaries gave Friday updates on how business had been going so far, and their plans ahead.

Automaker Toyota Astra Motor reported that its market share stood at over 32 percent. As of Oct. 2023, it has sold 273,820 units. MPVs still dominate the company’s product sales this year by 59.28 percent. Followed by SUVs (23.86 percent) and hatchback (7.55 percent). Data also shows that around 10.9 percent of the sales it made in January-October 2023 came from electrified vehicles, totaling 29,941 units. 

“Sales of our electrified vehicles are experiencing a huge growth. We used to sell 7,411 units of electrified vehicles in 2020-2022. That was around 1 percent of our total sales and now we have sold almost 30,000 electrified units this year,” Dimas Aska, the head of public relations at Toyota-Astra Motor, told reporters in Jakarta on Friday.

New Karawang Assembly for Daihatsu
Automaker Astra Daihatsu Motor is in the process of constructing a new assembly plant in Karawang. According to a press statement released earlier this year, the new Rp 2.9 trillion ($188.6 million) facility will use renewable energy once it begins operation. It is expected to slash 20 percent of the emissions and will boast an annual production capacity of 140,000 units. The construction broke ground in February.

“Astra Daihatsu Motor has begun the construction of a new assembly plant that is more modern and environmentally friendly. Carbon neutrality is among the reasons why we are building this assembly plant,” Edward Napitulu, the company’s head for corporate planning and communications, said.

Daihatsu data shows that the company’s production accounts for approximately 38 percent of the domestic market share in Indonesia. About 30 percent of what Daihatsu produces went to exports as of Oct 2023.

Growing Market Share for Isuzu CV Sales
Truck producer Isuzu Astra Motor reported a growing market share particularly its commercial vehicles (CVs). Gaikindo’s October data shows Isuzu Traga CV sales stood at 9,341 units on year-to-date 2023, Isuzu has sold 3,703 units of its Giga vehicle over the same period, while sales of Elf stood at 11,818 units. 

“We notice that our market share is expanding. As a case in point, the Traga market share rose from 40.2 percent [2022] to 40.3 percent the following year. Giga’s market share grew significantly from 13 percent to 17 percent,” Rian Erlangga, the deputy general manager for business strategy division at Isuzu Astra Motor Indonesia, said.

Isuzu Elf also saw an increase in market share from 25.1 percent to 26.1 percent over the said period.

Astra Infra and MLFF
Construction firm Astra Infra said that its toll roads had spanned 396 kilometers across the archipelago. Throughout the year, Astra has also made improvements to its existing toll roads, including lane widening works at the Tangerang-Merak and Cikopo-Palimanan toll roads. 

Billy Perkasa Kadar commented on the so-called multi-lane free-flow (MLFF) project which would allow drivers to pay for toll access without the need to stop at a toll booth. The government earlier this week said that it planned on launching a trial run of the Hungary-backed project in the second week of December, starting with the Bali Mandara toll road. The government mulls expanding the MLFF project to Jakarta if the upcoming trial run is a success.

“Of course, we are excited for the results of the trial run. We are ready to implement the MLFF if the technology and implementation have been approved by local authorities, namely the Public Works Ministry or the Indonesian Toll Road Regulatory Agency [BPJT]. But overall we are supportive of the idea,” Billy Perkasa Kadar, the group chief operating officer at Astra Infra, said.

Property Incentives
Property subsidiary Astra Property currently has 10 projects that range from offices to landed houses, among others. It has launched seven clusters and recorded 1,178 unit handovers. Astra also commented on the government’s incentives on house purchases. The government not long ago announced government-borne value-added tax incentives for purchases of housing below Rp 2 billion.

“We are grateful for the incentives. It is not just the developers, this is something that customers have been waiting for. The incentives are set to bring positive impact for all stakeholders in the property industry,” Nilawati Irjani, the president director at Astra Property, told reporters.



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