Raising good kids

Children are the future of the nation and the stakeholders of the world. Some of them grow up to decide how the country will run, others make the policies and some others design the houses we live and places we work in. It is thus important to make sure that they grow up in an environment which makes them honest and smart, equipped to take on the world and the responsibilities that come with it. Honesty ensures trust and integrity, and smartness equips them with tools to navigate life’s complexities.
So, to make your kid world-ready, here we list 5 tips to raise an honest and smart child.

​Be the perfect role models

Children are very impressionable and will imitate their parents and their behavior for a very long time. This means that your actions and words are defining the right and wrong for your kid for a long time. You are the people responsible for creating the right expression and teaching them the right things. So, it is important to show them honesty in your own actions and interactions. Be transparent about your thoughts, decisions and emotions. Learn to admit mistakes and take responsibility for them. By being a role model of honesty, you provide a strong foundation for your child to follow suit.


​Encourage questioning

It is important to create an environment that encourages questioning and exploration of new topics. When your child is little and is still learning about new things everyday, it is very important to not shun away questions. Support their curiosity by providing chances for learning through hands-on experience, books, discussions and looking at diverse subjects. Encourage them to think critically by asking questions that stimulate reasoning and problem-solving skills. This will help them develop intelligent reasoning skills by challenging their minds to think independently and logically.

​Ethical decision making

Although you might think they are still children and why should they have to worry about moral dilemmas, it is important to teach them how to get out of morally challenging situations. Engage them in discussions about moral dilemmas and ethical choices from a young age. It is also useful to encourage them to think about the consequences of their actions on others. What would happen if they threw their tablet away in a tantrum, the consequences of hurting someone and things similar to this. Help them understand the importance of making decisions based on empathy, fairness and good deeds. This approach helps instill a strong sense of integrity and honesty in their decision-making process.

​Create a safe space

It is important to establish an environment where you are not penalized for speaking up or going against norms, instead, if you do something wrong, you are sat down and made to understand how and what went south. So, create an environment where your child feels safe to express themselves without fear of judgment. Encourage open communication by actively listening to them, their thoughts, concerns, if anything is bothering them and the likes. Validate their feelings and opinions, even if they differ from your own. This will help build trust and encourage honesty as they grow comfortable sharing their experiences and seeking guidance.

​Give importance to integrity

Children don’t just know everything, they are taught. They are made to understand things by their parents, teachers and elders and then with time, experience. It is thus important to teach them the importance of integrity in all aspects of life. Try to discuss with them the importance of being truthful, reliable and principled. Show them how integrity forms the foundation of trust in relationships, both personal and professional. Encourage your child to uphold their values and principles even when facing challenges or peer pressure, and they will grow up to be adults who are honest and intelligent.