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The FFL team discusses a few headlines ahead of the Colts vs. Patriots in Germany.

Video Transcript

JASON FITZ: Matt, what are you looking for in this one?

MATT HARMON: Yeah, I was the only one of us on the show brave enough to claim a Patriots topic here. Patriots exclusive topic, should I say? Demario Douglas is a fantastic PPR scam the rest of the way.

And shout out to the guys from Underdog Fantasy, Hayden Winks and Josh Norris, for coining the fantastic phrase, PPR scam, because you out there, if you played in a full PPR league, you’ve done this before. You’re like, all right, who’s the small, short area slot receiver that’s never going to probably go for 100 yards, or if they’re going to go for 100 yards, they’re going to need like 13 catches to do it?

I think Demario Douglas is that type of player. That’s the PPR scam right there. You know, it’s going to be a lot of short yard stuff, a lot of like underneath targets. I do like the way they have included him in the pre-snap motion packages, some of these RPO looks.

And Mac Jones has said, hey, that’s what I’m comfortable doing. Bill O’Brien and I have integrated more and more of that in the offense as time has gone on. These two guys working together. So think Demario Douglas is a critical player for this offense down the stretch, which says a lot about where they are as an offense, and quite frankly, he’s the only guy that can beat man coverage on this team.

I mean, JuJu ain’t doing that. Never has done that. DeVante Parker never has done that. Jalen Reagor, I mean, you need me to say any more about how that goes? So, yeah, I think Demario Douglas is going to be a beautiful fantastic PPR scam rest of season.

JASON FITZ: Yeah, well, and I’ll give you a thought on that, as you mentioned the wide receivers, because it sort of leans into how I feel about both teams from a fantasy football standpoint, and from an overall football standpoint.

And that is that both of these rec– I wouldn’t touch any receiver for either of these teams moving forward, and it’s not about the quarterbacks. Like, we always want to make it about the quarterbacks. I think it’s about the wide receivers.

And the fact is, when you look at the way these receivers play, when you look at the inability to get open, when you look at the inability to trust the offenses in general to get anything done, it speaks to the fact that neither of these teams are good enough to win football games.

Because I don’t believe with receivers like Smith-Schuster in that situation, you can win anymore. And when you are constantly in an NFL where you have to be able to battle with points, you have to be able to move the football throwing the football, you can’t do it. You cannot be a great team anymore without a great wide receiver.

And if you look at the rest of the AFC, if you look at the teams that you can actually rely on, they all have a guy. They all have somebody that you can turn around and say, hey, whether it’s AJ or whether it’s Jamaar, like there are guys, there are beasts all over the field in the NFL right now that you know you can trust.

And that one person changes the dynamic for the entire passing game. One Tyreek changes the way you have to defend the entire Dolphins offense. One Jamaar does that for the Bengals. There is no guy for either of these teams that can accomplish what Justin Jefferson accomplishes for the Vikings.

And as a result, I can’t trust any of these receivers, and I can’t trust either of these offenses. I’m out on them not just because of their quarterbacks, but also because they lack the weapons to give any sort of reliable football.

MATT HARMON: I cannot allow this, I cannot allow this Michael Pittman disrespect to stand. I mean, my God, the guy’s a pretty good player. He’s not AJ Brown. He’s not Justin Jefferson, but he’s like a quality NFL wide receiver one.

And by the way, with no Josh Downs, Josh Downs been fantastic. If Josh Downs was going to play in this game and you were saying these type of things, Fitz, I’d walk off the set right now. I might go out the window over here, OK, that would be insane.

JASON FITZ: I knew– I knew Pittman would–

MATT HARMON: Pittman is a good player, man.

JASON FITZ: I think Pittman would be your clapback. And this is what I would say. Pittman is a great Tee Higgins. But you ain’t going to go out and you’re not going to win and put up the type of numbers you need to put up with Tee Higgins being your only one.

If Pittman was the other guy in an offense that also included an AJ Brown, now we’re talking about something wildly different. In today’s NFL, I genuinely believe to have a dynamic, oh, my God, and this is like for fantasy, any of us, I’ve got Tyreek in most of my leagues. It’s the reason I win football games. I got lucky. I got Tyreek, right?

Like, you got to have that one guy. Like, Waddle is fine. Waddle is very good. But if Waddle doesn’t have Tyreek, do we really think that suddenly Waddle is going to be the guy that lifts the Dolphins through? Like, there is the best case scenario for the Colts, is that they have the other guy. And they still don’t have the stud that they have to have. That’s my count. I knew you’d come with me with Pittman.

MATT HARMON: I’m with you. I’m with– I’m with you overall. It’s a good point. I just like, I don’t want like all of these guys that we just talked about with the Patriots and then Michael Pittman being in like the same sentence.

Like, I can’t have, all right, yeah, these two receiver rooms are really rough. Jalen Reagor is playing significant snaps with the Patriots. Like, the Colts are all right if it’s Michael Pittman. And obviously, no Josh Downs does hurt.

JASON FITZ: Yeah, yeah, I’ll give you I’ll give you they’re in different categories. Andy, we got to get to you. I’m sorry. We keep cutting you off. What have you got?

ANDY BEHRENS: I hope that you caught the signature humility from Fitz there with the, oh, I’ve got Tyreek Hill in every league. It’s great.

MATT HARMON: Yeah, yeah.

ANDY BEHRENS: Yeah, OK. I bet that–

JASON FITZ: I’m sorry, winners win. I can’t help it, winners win. Go ahead, go ahead.

ANDY BEHRENS: Oh, I knew that was going to be a– the whole discussion actually just makes me miss what we would have had with a healthy Anthony Richardson, right, and Pittman, and a healthy Josh Downs. Like, that looked so good for just a moment there.

The point, the only point that I want to make, is that, and this is important for the Zack Moss managers, Jonathan Taylor now firmly, and I would say irrevocably back at the top of the Colts backfield. If you have him on a roster, you can rejoice.

These are his snap shares over the past five weeks. 15%, 42%, 50%, 61%, 72%. Not everything that kind of looks like a trend is actually a trend, but this one feels pretty solid to me. Taylor had 23 touches, a touchdown last week. 95 rushing yards the week before. 120 total yards the week before that. He is back.

And then the flip side, of course, is that Zack Moss, who was so good earlier in the season, he barely played last week. So he’s impossible to trust right now. He’s coming off a game in which he played 13 snaps.

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