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MK1 fans are putting NRS and WB Games on blast as the announcer voice for Omni-Man adds to the title’s “greedy” DLC practices.

Mortal Kombat 1’s Omni-Man DLC is now available in “early access” for all who purchased the Kombat Pack. Those who’d rather purchase the Invincible character à la carte won’t be able to until his wider release on Thursday, November 16.

As many know, the Kombat Pack is a $40 value that will eventually provide six additional playable fighters and five more Kameo characters.

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Omni-Man’s availability has revealed what players should expect from Kombat Pack offerings in the future. Like combatants on the main roster, the Viltrumite comes with Mastery rewards that unlock new items whenever a player levels him up.

The Rank 5 rewards open a new set of gear and a different palette, for example. However, the DLC pack does not include every bit of content created for Omni-Man.

MK1 under fire for “absurd” Omni-Man announcer voice DLC

Some Mortal Kombat 1 players who spent $40 on the Kombat Pack weren’t happy to learn they’d have to pay another 1,000 Dragon Krystals (the equivalent of $10) for Omni-Man’s announcer voice. This particular type of content replaces the usual announcer who yells out things like “Fight” and “Finish Him” with a specific character.

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Reddit user VincentDanger called attention to the matter with a post that reads in part, “Absolutely ABSURD you have to SPEND $10 with money on an announcer that should already be free if you own the kombat pack.” Instead of the DLC pack, players can find Omni-Man’s MK1 announcer voice in the in-game store under the “Featured” list.

While many aren’t surprised given ongoing frustrations with MK1’s monetization, several people in the Reddit thread made their irritation known. One person went so far as to call the developer and publisher “greedy corpo[s].”

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Someone else commented, “Holy s**t man. They dissected Omni Man content when it should have been available with the character! F**k WB!”

Others pointed out the sheer cost of the game as a whole for those who want to dig into the post-launch content. “70$ for base game + a [40]$ season pass + a 12$ seasonal fatality + 10$ PER COSTUME,” laments one such post.

This brewing Omni-Man DLC drama follows on the heels of several other infractions in the eyes of the MK1 community. As noted above, the Premium Store recently featured a Halloween Fatality priced at $12. Paywalled Invasions content and an in-game store packed with pricey DLC have seen MK1 receive the ire of fans for several weeks.

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But news that the title’s closing in on three million copies sold raises questions about how much this fury may matter in the long run.

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