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Staff photo by Ari Selvey
Crysten Glawe demonstrates a dance to members of The Sonics during a practice in the gym of St. Anthony’s Elementary School on Thursday.

NEW ULM — The Sonics, the New Ulm Cathedral dance team, saw a return from a professional alumnus on Thursday to help out with their routine and technique.

That alumnus was NFL Cheerleader Crysten Glawe, who was the captain of the Washington Commanders cheer squad for two years and cheered in the 2023 NFL Pro Bowl.

It was Glawe’s first time returning to her roots with The Sonics, something she had been wanting to do for a while.

“I’ve always wanted to come back and do something with The Sonics,” Glawe said. “This program has been super special to me. It was the reason why I fell in love with dance, and the reason I continued dancing was programs like this. My coaches at the time encouraged me to continue auditioning and dancing. It was super fun to return and give back to these girls, and hopefully these girls will continue dancing in college or professionally.”

Glawe danced with The Sonics for five years, including nearly winning a state title. Glawe said coming back was fun and rewarding for her.

Staff photo by Ari Selvey
The Sonics try out of the dance routines that Crysten Glawe taught during a practice in the gym of St. Anthony’s Elementary School on Thursday.

“It’s super exiting,” she said. “It sounds like the program is growing. They’re adding a lot of cool tricks and techniques, lots of new visuals. I’m really excited for their routine. They have a great mix going into this next season, so I’m exited to see what they’ll do and I think they’ll do really good next year.”

Glawe walked The Sonics though a few routines and techniques during the day’s practice, with the Sonics performing their current routine for Glawe at the end of practice. Glawe then answered any questions that the girls had before ending the day with a picture.

Glawe hopes that the girls she met with today learned how to branch out and persevere when it comes to dance.

“Don’t be afraid to try something new,” Glawe said. “There’s always an opportunity to grow with dance and learn new skills and new tricks.

“The other, probably even more important, is don’t take no for an answer when you have a dream. I was telling them tonight that I did not make my first NFL team audition. It’s super important, when it’s something to love, that you continue to work for it. You go for your goals, continue to be confident in going after what you want to do in your life. I believe if you put it out into the universe, you work hard, it will come back and it will happen.”

The Sonics begin their season at the Tri-City United Invitational on Dec. 5.

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