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Sources confirm film’s genesis after much speculation

On July 21, two highly-anticipated films, Oppenheimer and Barbie, hit theatres simultaneously, inspiring the most popular fandom crossover termed ‘Barbenheimer’. Much of Barbenheimer’s appeal came from the poles apart themes of its two films. 

Christopher Nolan’s Oppenheimer marked his first biopic on the ‘father of atomic bomb’, J. Robert Oppenheimer whereas Greta Gerwig’s Barbie caught fan frenzy as a biting satire on the beloved Mattel doll, unlike any previous adaptation.

Taking this cinematic face-off to next level, renowned B-movie director Charles Band has announced his upcoming film called Barbenheimer where the manufacture of bombs and Barbies coalesce ingeniously into a low-budget comedy, according to The Hollywood Reporter

The man behind Full Moon production company, Band boasts a repertoire of low-budget horror franchises like Puppet Master, Ghoulies, Trancers, and Demonic Toys as well as the cult-hit Re-animator. However, he also points out the need for humor amid the deluge of dark and sombre content in recent cinema.

Band acknowledges the film’s intention to capitalize on a recent cultural trend but also sees potential for something experimental. “It’s 100 percent true,” he said. “But it’s also an opportunity to have fun with the bizarre coupling of these two movies and the combination of Barbie’s vibe and the darkness of Oppenheimer.”

If there were any doubts as to Band’s commitment to explore this absurd Gerwig-Nolan union, Full Moon has released a humorous synopsis which reads, “They got great looks and a super attitude! Oh, and now they’ve got the bomb” as well as a camp poster. A doll silhouette stands centre-stage in front of a cloud of explosions with ‘Barbenheimer’ written across in bold Barbie font and Pantone pink.

The concept for Barbenheimer was originally conceived by Band’s biographer, Adam Felber, who also co-authored with him the book Confessions of a Puppetmaster: A Hollywood Memoir of Ghouls, Guts, and Gonzo Filmmaking. Felber’s suggestion was influenced by the global fascination with the concept, prompting them to turn it into a reality.

The film introduces us to Dr. Bambi J Barbenheimer, a gifted scientist doll who resides in the Gerwig-inspired neon-lit Dolltopia alongside her partner Twink Dollman. Enter Nolan’s gritty storytelling, Dr. Barbenheimer leaves for the real world after witnessing how human children mistreat dolls. Eventually, the scientist doll constructs a massive nuclear bomb to end humanity and its grievances. Barbenheimer is expected to start filming in 2024. 

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