Selling Sunset’s Bre Tiesi Responds to Cassandra Dawn Drama, Says Producers ‘Didn’t Show’ Everything

Bre Tiesi is responding to the drama surrounding Cassandra Dawn‘s surprise appearance in season 7 of the Netflix show Selling Sunset.

For those who aren’t familiar, Bre is one of the real estate agents at the Oppenheim Group and she was on a group trip to Cabo with other staff members when they ran into Cassandra.

Cassandra introduced herself to the group as an agent with another brokerage and she clearly had an interest in Bre, claiming to have run in the same circles in their past. Bre was not happy to see her and almost acted like she didn’t know her.

So, what didn’t we see?

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“They did not show the whole thing no or the big reason why I snapped,” Bre said to a fan in an Instagram comment. “Let’s just say it was too disgusting to even air.”

Another fan asked Bre to spill the tea on what happened and she replied, “Well let’s see how much is shown in the reunion first 👀.”

Bre added in a lengthy comment: “let’s be clear here this was not admiration😂 she came Into this using my name and I have never met this girl in my life. I do not do fake. she came in with an agenda. I did not ‘hate’ her I just did not embrace her due to her immediately greeting me in a way insinuating we knew each other and telling me my own life timeline .. prettty off putting…especially to someone born and raised in la anyone with an street smarts would clearly see this is a red flag 🚩.. y’all should grasp this is a show … no one finds it interesting that * somehow * someone from “past” keeps showing up 😂 I am not an overly nice and instant besty with anyone this goes the same for every women on this cast I slowly warmed up to every single one. Funny how not one of them had a problem with me taking my time to build with them over MONTHS. I sit back and watch people’s actions and how they move. my case was made within hours of her arriving .. she jumped down my throat and accused me of not liking her and having a problem all based off me not embracing her how SHE wanted me to. I go with energy and my gut and im never wrong.let me also state I call it how I see it. I don’t start drama but I’ll damn sure finish it and the things that were said about me and my family were so disgusting even Netflix wouldn’t air so maybe let that sink in… I respond I don’t react but when I do react Best believe the line has been crossed I took Chelsea’s shit for 10m and the world daily .. u really think this girl sets me off cuz she called me a b? Lol .. imagine how nasty it must of been… i won’t give this girl 5 secs of my time and if u fell for it says more about u than me maybe it’s the bliss of ignorance i hope it is bc she’s not hard to see through if you look … but i wear it ALL OUT IN THE OPEN Not one thing I’m hiding or embarrassed about not plastic surgery not exs not past jobs this is me all of me and i couldn’t care less how anyone feels about me sept my son and I’ll do everything to keep weirdos away from me and my family ✌🏼.”

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