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Chandigarh: Haryana chief secretary Sanjeev Kaushal on Monday said the development and panchayat department will prepare a panchayat development index (PDI) to judge the hoilistic progress of rural bodies based on socio-economic indicators. Presiding over a meeting here to discuss this index, Kaushal stressed the need for collecting the data on 57 services from 12 departments to formulate the index. The sub-thematic indices will cover electricity, water, roads, sanitation infrastructure, health, and education services, institutions, economic and social progress, literacy and poverty rates, governance and administration, and environmental sustainability. TNN
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The shape of your index finger can reveal your personality traits

The shape of your fingers can reveal insights about your personality. Straight finger shapes indicate a value for honesty and trustworthiness, while pointed finger shapes suggest a belief in love and determination to achieve goals. Knuckled finger shapes signify a focus on truth and integrity, along with generosity and confidence. However, anger can be intense for those with knuckled fingers. Overall, finger shape can provide clues about a person’s personality traits and characteristics.

Gurgaon air quality index turns very poor for first time this season

The city of Gurgaon experienced a thick layer of smog, with visibility dropping to 200 meters in some areas. The air quality index (AQI) reached the “very poor” category for the first time this season at 367. Nearby areas such as Faridabad, Delhi, Noida, and Ghaziabad had a “severe” AQI. There is a disconnect between the data from monitoring stations and the situation on the ground. A rise in farm fires and unfavorable weather conditions are expected to worsen pollution levels in the next two weeks.

Delhi schools shut due to worsening AQI: What every student needs to know about Air Quality Index

The Delhi National Capital Region (NCR) experienced severe smog, with the Air Quality Index (AQI) reaching hazardous levels. The smog, caused by factors such as vehicular emissions and crop burning, poses significant health risks to residents. The Delhi government closed all government and private primary schools as a precautionary measure. The AQI is a crucial tool for assessing air pollution, with lower numbers indicating safer air quality. Different AQI categories represent varying levels of air quality, from good to severe. Certain groups, such as children, the elderly, and individuals with respiratory or heart conditions, are at higher risk due to poor AQI levels. Precautionary measures, such as using N95 masks and organizing indoor activities, can help mitigate the adverse effects of poor air quality, especially for school children.

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