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In a strategic move, Oasys has entered into a critical partnership with Singularity, a cross-chain payment facilitator, with the aim of streamlining cross-chain payments within its gaming ecosystem. This collaboration promises to offer a frictionless financial experience for gamers and developers alike.

Oasys, tailored specifically for the gaming community, is taking a significant step forward by forging an alliance with Singularity, a cross-chain payment facilitator. This collaboration is set to enhance the payment process within the Oasys platform and reinforce its commitment to providing gamers with a seamless and functional experience. By integrating its primary Hub-Layer with various Verse-Layers, Oasys is pioneering innovation in the gaming blockchain landscape. The integration of Singularity’s capabilities is poised to elevate the platform’s infrastructure by enabling straightforward cross-chain transactions, NFT acquisitions, and various payment methods.

A Strategic Partnership Enhancing User-Friendly Transactions and NFT Acquisitions

Singularity’s core focus is on addressing the complexities of cross-chain transactions, including token exchanges, bridging, and network transitions. With this integration, gamers will be able to effortlessly acquire NFTs or tokens across any Oasys Verse without the need for manual token swaps or network changes. Furthermore, they will have the convenience of making payments using credit cards and standard fiat methods on a global scale.


Daiki Moriyama, Oasys Director, emphasizes the significance of user-friendliness and transaction speed for gamers. The integration of Singularity simplifies the payment process, eliminating the need to navigate different networks and enhancing the overall gaming experience.


This partnership not only removes friction from cross-platform transactions but also opens the doors for the integration of fiat payments within the Oasys Verse, ultimately enhancing the ecosystem’s accessibility and appeal.


Aditya Gupta, CEO of Singularity, shares a vision where blockchain gaming is poised to redefine utility and creativity in the gaming industry. He commends the Oasys Verse structure for aligning with their belief that superior games are built on chains that are adaptable and tailor-made.


Demonstrating the practical benefits of this partnership, 9Lives Arena, an RPG on Oasys’s HOME Verse, plans to incorporate Singularity’s NFT Checkout feature within the year, marking a significant progression in the realm of blockchain-based gaming.


Oasys, as a gaming-centric blockchain, offers a scalable Layer 1 hub and specialized Layer 2 solutions built on Ethereum’s technology. Its ecosystem equips game creators with a robust and scalable blockchain foundation, enabling the development of more efficient and interoperable games. With gaming and Web3 industry giants like SEGA, Ubisoft, and Yield Guild Games serving as initial validators, Oasys leverages its Proof-of-Stake blockchain to drive innovation in the gaming sector.


Oasys addresses the challenges faced by game developers in the blockchain gaming sector by creating an ecosystem that caters to both gamers and developers for game distribution and development. The company’s approach combines a rapid network driven by the gaming community, scalability backed by AAA developers, and a user-centric blockchain with swift transactions and no gas fees. This sets the stage for participants to immerse themselves in Oasys and dive into gaming without hindrances.

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