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  • CMO role transformation. Amidst economic turbulence, CMO duties are being revised to include strategies for handling workforce reductions and shifts within their industry.
  • Emerging trends. Technology trends in marketing are significantly reshaping how CMOs approach and implement marketing strategies to drive brand success.
  • Strategic CMO insight. Chief marketing officer responsibilities include employing strategic foresight to navigate through economic uncertainty and position their brands for recovery.

Have some sympathy for the CMO. Amid economic difficulties and shifts in the role, CMO duties are evolving, including navigating layoffs.

Changing CMO Duties Cause Anxiety

“The Chief Marketing Officer is the most-fired member of the C-Suite!”

It was a statement meant to shock and amuse the audience that viewed this role as the target persona of their sales efforts. I was surrounded by a thousand or so digital experience professionals — and not a few CMOs — at an industry event. I can’t remember if any sources or statistics were offered to back up this assertion, but no one questioned the validity of the statement. The laughter in the auditorium was loud — although a bit uneasy.

As overseer of the strategy and execution of an organization’s brand success, the CMO is burdened with high expectations of effectiveness and low levels of confidence in the various metrics that indicate success. Technical advances, access to analysis tools and staggering amounts of available data set those expectations even higher. Year after year, the explosion of marketing technology and analytical capabilities seem to provide only incremental improvement while adding exponential complexity to the process and CMO duties.

As the voice of the customer, crafter of the brand, communicator of strategy and data-driven visionary, the modern CMO must nurture cross-functional cooperation to delicately maintain the nexus of art and science this role embodies. But the modern CMO duties are changing. 

Stir in some economic uncertainty, and you naturally feel sympathy for the beleaguered CMO.

At an event, the claim was made that “The Chief Marketing Officer is the most-fired member of the C-Suite!” The laughter in the auditorium was loud — although a bit uneasy.pict rider on Adobe Stock Photos

Resilience or Recession: A Matter of Perspective

Current economic indicators are mixed at best, with inflation and interest rates rattling consumer nerves. A recent article in Marketwatch describes the current market as resilient while also predicting a shallow recession in the first half of 2024 — same article, same experts! So, which is it?

Some say it depends on your perspective, or which indicators are important to you, or even your feelings about the Federal Reserve. CMSWire has reported in the past on the optimism of today’s CMO, and a little later in this article, I even touch on why it is important for them to be that way. Being a “glass half empty” kind of guy myself, however, let me first point you to some news I’ve been reading. Resilience, it seems, is the undercurrent that sustains optimism.

A green plant sprouts between a crack in stone with a shadow of the plant on the left suggesting resilience is needed regarding shifting CMO duties.
Resilience, it seems, is the undercurrent that sustains optimism.Enso on Adobe Stock Photos

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