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  • The open beta for highly-anticipated multiplayer shooter The Finals is experiencing major issues on PS5 and Xbox, with client crashes causing frustration among players.
  • Despite the issues, Embark Studios is actively working on a fix and plans to roll out the necessary changes to address the problems.
  • While some criticisms have been raised regarding the lack of customizable sights and reticles, The Finals shows significant potential as a competitive shooter with its destructible environments and variety of unique playstyles.

The launch of the open beta for highly-anticipated multiplayer shooter The Finals is reportedly seeing major issues on the PS5 and Xbox versions, causing client crashes. Since the upcoming free-to-play shooter launched its closed alpha test late last year, developer Embark Studios has been giving fans plenty of reasons to be excited. Past trailers from the studio and gameplay from the beta tests have shown off its fast-paced combat, environmental destruction, and a variety of unique tactics to secure victory. Now, the newest beta tests are apparently experiencing some issues.

The most recent testing period for The Finals comes following multiple past tests for the competitive shooter as Embark Studios looks to give fans a chance to try out the game early. Alongside the closed alpha test in late 2022, Embark would launch a closed beta test in March of this year, giving more players a chance for a hands-on experience with the game. Recently, the developer rolled out a brand-new open beta across multiple platforms, giving players on console their first opportunity to try out the shooter. However, the early rollout of the console beta has reportedly seen a rocky launch.

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In an announcement posted to The Finals‘ official Twitter account, Embark Studios confirms the ongoing issues with client crashes on PlayStation and Xbox. The developer revealed it is already working on a fix, reportedly planning to roll out the changes within hours of the post. Embark would go on to thank fans for their patience and assistance with catching bugs like these in the game’s beta test. The developer also addressed fans on Steam waiting for the shooter, confirming access to the beta is slowly rolling out and is expected to be fully available within 24 hours.

While many fans are excitedly awaiting access to the shooter, some criticisms have been levied against the early versions of The Finals shown through the beta tests. The Finals noticeably lacks customizable sights and reticles, with each gun in the game relying on iron sights. The game also features a variety of different weapons including swords, daggers, and grenade launchers, which can further exacerbate aiming issues. The Finals‘ most recent trailer does not make clear whether any new sight options were added.

Though issues have been present with the betas, many fans have agreed the game shows significant potential as a competitive shooter. The Finals‘ destructible environments have been a particular point of praise, likening the mechanic to other shooters like Battlefield and Red Faction. The game is also set to feature multiple different loadouts, encouraging players to experiment with its variety of unique playstyles. Fans can hope the issues with the PS5 and Xbox betas will be resolved soon, so more players can dive into The Finals‘ chaotic action.

The Finals is currently in open beta for PC, PS5, and Xbox Series X/S.

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