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The South Loop Project is looking for artistic vision for the iconic park coming to Kanas City’s Downtown landscape. The project is a partnership between the City of Kansas City, the Downtown Council, and Port KC. On Wednesday, October 26, 2023, the City of Kansas City released a request for proposals for an Art Consultant.

The Art Consultant will assist the design team for project-specific artistic components and minimum specification standards for art within the site design, architecture, and engineering which the design team must follow in developing the final scope, budget, and schedule for the art program within the South Loop Project. They will collaborate with the City and the design team to develop a scope for future artists to follow for incorporation of art within the project. The City particularly seeks collaboration, contributing ideas, perspectives, creativity, and expertise for the design of the project as they relate to future art elements and components of:

  • Storytelling
  • Performative Readings
  • Community stage and musical elements
  • Historical Elements
  • Public Art
  • Signage and wayfinding
  • Creative Placemaking elements
  • Installations with functional elements
  • Sustainability

The AC will assist the design team in developing and implementing an overall art program which sets forth project-specific art standards and terms, including:

  1. Art planning, programming, and commissioning within the project. This may include assisting with developing and distributing calls for artists and coordinating the review and ranking of artist submissions.
  2. Protocols for art solicitations, negotiations, and contracting for the art program to be integrated into the design and elements to meet schedule, budget and function including the fabrication/installation of artwork.
  3. Present throughout the process as needed to City Council and others as requested by the City
  4. May coordinate future contracting, fabrication, and installation of artwork to ensure successful completion according to budget and established timeline.

The City’s request for proposals will close on December 1, 2023, and questions will be accepted until November 11, 2023. Shortlisted firms will be contacted in December of 2023.

Access the Request for Proposals through Bonfire


The South Loop Project will fulfill a long-held dream of Kansas Citians to reconnect the downtown and Crossroads neighborhoods by riding their separation caused by the construction of I-670 with a park. This will be a world-class destination worthy of the World Cup in 2026. It will include amenities such as shaded structures, gardens, lawns, play spaces, a dog park, local markets, public art, outdoor seating, and more—all built on a deck to be constructed over I-670. The South Loop Project will extend from Wyandotte to Grand, completing a key goal in Downtown’s 10-year strategic plan.

The urban park and green space will physically reconnect the Central Business District with the Crossroads Arts District, as well as adjacent neighborhoods and communities. This endeavor is now officially backed by federal, state, city, and private stakeholders. This economy-boosting endeavor has been a dream for the last decade and thanks to the public-private partnership between the City of Kansas City, the Downtown Council, and Port KC, it is becoming a promise.

Procurement of more private investments and federal grants are also underway to close the remaining $100 million gap, but this latest declaration of support by Governor Mike Parson and Missouri’s General Assembly is encouraging. This park will change lives. We expect this to reduce environmental impacts caused by the heavy interstate traffic, create a much-needed respite and front lawn for residents who call these areas home, and build an inviting and inclusive community and civic space in the heart of our city.

Visit for continued updates about the project including the timeline, latest renderings, and community educational opportunities.

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