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The ‘Kardashians’ star eventually underwent an epidural for his back injury, which resulted from his 2022 car accident.  

Scott Disick suffered a problematic back injury that he revealed during season 3 of The Kardashians. Now, in season 4, his overall health has become a focal point on the show, as longtime pals Khloé Kardashian, Kendall Jenner and Kris Jenner encouraged him to seek medical help. 

To find out how Scott’s health is doing, keep reading for the latest updates. 

What Happened to Scott Disick? 

While sitting down with Kris during a season 3 episode, Scott rehashed his harrowing car accident from 2022. Images of his vehicle flipped over appeared on screen as he described the incident. 

“So, I was going to pick Mason up because we were going to a movie. I was driving by myself,” he explained. “I made a right, and then the curbs in that neighborhood are not flat curbs — they are kind of like little lips. So, the wheel came into the little lip and made it pull a little, and by the time it pulled, it smacked into a pillar.” 

Scott shares Mason in addition to Reign and Penelope with ex Kourtney Kardashian. The two have been co-parenting their children since they split in 2015. 

The Talentless founder continued by revealing that the car hit and “and did a somersault forward, then hit, then landed. I was up there [in the car] strapped in and hanging. Then, I couldn’t get out, and I tried the sunroof.” 

The ordeal led to a serious back injury for Scott, and he revealed during season 4 to Khloé that he had been living with the pain. 

“Ever since that car accident, [my pain] got worse over time,” he admitted to the Good American founder. Khloé then encouraged Scott to see a doctor, who explained that Scott’s injury would improve over time with physical therapy. 

Though Scott initially insisted he did not want to undergo surgery, he told Kendall in a later episode of The Kardashians that he was giving it some thought after experiencing “dual back problems” from a dirt bike accident with son Mason. 

“Did you know that I might have to get back surgery from the car accident I was in?” he asked Kendall. “My back sucks. I was with Mason, and we were out on the little dirt bikes. He was asking me to teach him how to wheelie, so I fell backwards right onto my tailbone. Now, I have dual back problems.” 

What Did Scott Disick Say About Gaining Weight? 

While discussing his back issues with Khloé in season 4, Scott confessed that he “gained a lot of weight” because of his injury. Khloé then said in a confessional that this was the “unhealthiest” she had ever seen Scott. 

“He’s barely mobile, and it is all from his back,” the reality TV star noted. “That wouldn’t make anyone feel good. I think Scott needs to realize these things are fixable. You can’t let it get you down.”

Did Scott Disick Get Surgery for His Back Injury? 

During a season 4 episode of the Hulu show, Scott revealed to Kendall that Kris accompanied him to get an epidural at the hospital. The momager stayed by his side during the procedure but had to leave before it was over. 

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