Shedeur Sanders and Travis Hunter’s adorable reaction to meeting LeBron James courtside during NBA season opener – PINKVILLA

The NBA season of 2023-24 kicked off on Tuesday night with a competition between the Los Angeles Lakers and the defending champion Denver Nuggets. Stars like Deion Sanders, Shedeur Sanders, and Travis Hunter, all journeyed from Boulder to witness the game courtside on this season’s opening night. An opportunity stirred for Shedeur and Hunter to meet Lakers’ superstar, LeBron James, an interaction that has now set the social media platforms buzzing.

LeBron expressed his admiration for the boys, saying, “I love y’all boys, man.” To this, Shedeur enthusiastically responded, “You gotta send us a jersey, you got to get us right!”

Hunter, a confessed LeBron fan, burst into a huge scream after this interaction with the basketball legend. Despite the high-energy start, LeBron and the Lakers fell short last night, succumbing to a 119-107 loss. LeBron, in his 29-minute play, however, led the team scoring a high of 21 points, eight rebounds, and five assists.

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LeBron James greets Erling Haaland for Beats partnership

Sports heavyweights, NBA’s champion LeBron James and Premier League’s star Erling Haaland, have teamed up for a unique association with Beats for their new campaign – The King & The Viking. Notably, Haaland steps in as the newest official brand ambassador of the Beats family. The campaign film captures the shared stories of these athletes, culminating around the pressure of surpassing expectations. Despite hailing from different sports realms, their perseverance narratives are parallel.

In the campaign, words of wisdom penned by Savannah James and Alfie Haaland for their loved ones come to life. They implore them to quell doubts and instead allow pressure to kindle their separate battles. In this regard, Manchester City’s star player Haaland conveyed his excitement about joining the Beats family, a brand that has been integral to his pre-match routines. He also mentioned how this campaign and partnership underline his family values.

LeBron James, since his association with Beats in 2008, has set an example for ambassador programs. Notably, his son Bronny James also joined them as the first high school athlete in 2022.

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