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San Francisco 49ers running back Christian McCaffrey in action during the NFC Championship NFL football game on Sunday, Jan. 29, 2023, in Philadelphia. (AP Photo/Matt Rourke) (Matt Rourke, AP)

The NFL’s most valuable player is Taylor Swift.

Kris, Dallas

Kiz: The staff here at Kickin’ It Headquarters was about to begin a campaign for San Francisco running back and local kid Christian McCaffrey as the first non-quarterback since 2012 to be named most valuable player of the league. But upon further review, in voting that’s little more than a popularity contest, Swift probably does have a better shot at winning MVP than McCaffrey has of taking home a Grammy.

It’s the smart move for Broncos fans to sell their tickets to Cheeseheads from Wisconsin. If we can’t get wins and can’t go to the playoffs, at least we can make a little money and pay for these incredibly expensive seats in Empower Field at Mile High.

Matt, running wild

Kiz: No coach in the history of this proud Denver franchise has ever begun his career with an 0-4 start at home. Can’t speak to NFL history, but lose to Green Bay, and Sean Payton could lay claim to the most inauspicious start in Broncos history.

It’s an insult to season-ticket holders to expect them to shell out the money for the garbage they get in return from the Broncos. Selling tickets seems reasonable, but eventually fans will dump their tickets altogether. The late Mr. B is sorely missed and probably ticked.

Collin, born to ride

Kiz: Digging in for an invasion of the Cheeseheads, I’m going to put the over/under of Green Bay fans inside the stadium for kickoff on Sunday at 20,000. Which way are you going to bet?

Making one of the worst D-I football programs competitive and generating so much interest has already made this a successful season for Deion Sanders and the CU football program. If I was a coach or player, however, a failure to make a bowl game after a 3-0 start would be pretty disappointing.

E.B., voice of reason

Kiz: As much as network television executives love Coach Prime for his ability to drive ratings through the roof, his Not Ready for Prime Time Buffs are maybe one blowout away from being exposed as Shedeur Sanders, Travis Hunter and a football team that’s more sizzle than substance.

Congratulations on 40 years at The Denver Post, Kiz! I always enjoy your writing, which sometimes makes me stop and look at a different viewpoint, which is good. My second stop while reading my Post on Sunday is Kickin’ It with Kiz, right after I enjoy the comics, where my favorite is Pearls Before Swine. A man has got to have his priorities.

Tim, Cañon City

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