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People cheating video games. Photo of a young man and woman playing video games. The woman is laughing and cheating by placing her hand over the man’s eyes while they’re playing. He’s laughing too. They are both holding video game controllers while they sit on the bare wood floor of their living room. There is a gray sofa behind them and a bowl of popcorn on the floor between them.

Do you love to relax by playing mobile and video games? Generally, there are so many different categories that gamers are into nowadays. However, many people are cheating video games to gain a competitive advantage. Are you one of them? If so, you’re in good company.

New Study Reveals Nevadans Are Cheating Video Games

The folks at recently looked at Google stats to check up on Americans who are cheating video games. Basically, they counted searches for terms like “hacks,” “cheats” and “mods.” In fact, they analyzed data for 200 search terms to determine if Americans were cheating mobile and video games. Additionally, they wanted to find out which state’s residents cheat the most.

Considering all the data, if you like to cheat, you’re in good company. Nevada ranks fourth in this study. Specifically, the stats show about “265 monthly cheat-related searches per 100k people” in The Silver State. Obviously, we believe “if we ain’t cheatin’, we ain’t tryin!’”

Furthermore, the study goes on to specify the games on which we Nevadans are more likely to cheat. The most searches were for “Sims 4 Mods” and “Wordle cheats.” I try to play “Wordle every day. However, I don’t compete against other players, so I have no reason to cheat. Apparently, those who do play competitively in Nevada have no problem cheating to get the upper hand.

The States With The Most, And Least, Video Game Cheaters

So, which other states join Nevada in the top 5? Accordingly, the state of Washington has the most people cheating video games. They average 281 searches each month. Obviously, there’s something in the water up there in the Pacific northwest, because Oregon places second, and Alaska places third. What’s going on up there? North Dakota rounds out the top five in fifth place.

The most honest state according to is Mississippi. Louisiana, New Jersey, New Mexico, and Alabama are all honest when it comes to video game hacks too.

The Mobile And Video Games Americans Are Cheating

Furthermore, as a nation, these are the mobile and video games Americans cheat the most. In general, it’s “Sims 4” followed by “Wordle.” Per the press release by Chloe Rayson: “Other titles that see a higher proportion of crafty players include 2023’s “Starfield” and “Hogwart’s Legacy,” as well as “Little Alchemy,” and “Fallout 4.”

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