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  • Taylor Swift’s new concert film, The Eras Tour, has broken presale records, surpassing major Marvel and DC titles, thanks to the power of her fandom, the Swifties.
  • However, a report suggests that the film may not have widespread appeal once it hits theaters, as half of the surveyed audience has no interest in seeing it.
  • The report further claims that The Eras Tour may attract mostly fans who have already seen her live concert or those who couldn’t get tickets.

Taylor Swift The Eras Tour movie continues to break records with its presales, surpassing major Marvel and DC titles thanks to the power of the Taylor Swift fandom, aka the Swifties. However, the film could face a big challenge once it hits theaters on October 13. The Eras Tour movie, which compiles some of Swift’s best moments on stage and behind the scenes from her current tour, a tour that continues until the end of 2024, was announced last month and the presale has been a complete madness.

On its first day, The Eras Tour movie broke the record held by Spider-Man: No Way Home at AMC Theaters, and in the last few days it managed to surpass The Batman and Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness with its cumulative total.

However, a new report indicates that once the film is finally in theaters, the phenomenon may not be so overwhelming. According to The Quorum, who pulled off their own polling about interest in seeing the film, half of those surveyed have no interest in going to theaters to see Taylor Swift The Eras Tour. The site’s conclusion is that the film will only attract fans of the artist, which means it won’t be reaching such a wide audience, limiting its greatest success to the presale process.

The Quorum also deepened its survey into those who did want to attend to see the movie, confirming that many of them are fans who have attended the live concert and want to see it again. Or fans who did not get tickets and finally want to see the tour in all its glory.

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Why a Limited Audience May Not Be a Problem for Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Productions

Although the site may be right about The Eras Tour‘s ability to attract a broader audience beyond Swift’s own fandom, this is not a real problem for the artist. Firstly, because the film will only be available in theaters for a few weeks, so it will get its entire target audience that has been fighting to get tickets during the presales. And those who have not done so will get their tickets on the same day they intend to see it, so there probably won’t be any empty theaters.

With so many Taylor Swift fans attending more than one tour date, it’s possible that a large number of moviegoers will also enjoy The Eras Tour movie on more than one occasion, boosting the box office numbers. The film also premieres days before the release of 1989 (Taylor’s Version), so it could include some announcement or surprise related to the album, which would make many more fans want to go see it.

The Swifties have proven not only to be one of the largest fandoms in the music industry, they have also made it clear that they have great power, so for Taylor Swift to limit the audience of The Eras Tour to her own fandom is not a problem, but an opportunity to continue connecting with her fans.

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