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Why did Peggy join MAFS?

Peggy opened up on why she decided to apply and go on Married At First Sight, saying: “I’m 32, I’ve always focused on my job, my career and my family. I had a really good job in tech risk, I’ve got an amazing family, a big Irish family, I’ve got friends and there’s just something missing in my life.

“I was working really long hours, like 12 hour days at home, in the office and whenever I did have time off, I’d spend it with my family.”

Peggy added how she didn’t really spend time dating, especially after the difficult heartbreak she went through.

“I was never dating, I tried to go out but not dating and I’ve had my heart broken. I was with him eight years and he cheated on me and I just thought, ‘I want a family’.

“My sister’s having kids, my brother’s having had kids and I’m the only one left. I thought I’ve got to look out for myself for once. Take the risk for a change,” she told The Mirror.

Peggy feared her family would ‘disown’ her for signing up for MAFS

Technology risk partner Peggy Rose feared that her family would “disown” her for signing up to be a bride on Married At First Sight UK.

Ahead of entering the show, Peggy opened up about her family: “My family didn’t want to get rid of me because I cook and clean, I’m the baby left. They didn’t want it. It’s not traditional, is it? My family is traditional, they wanted a conventional wedding not [for me to] marry a stranger.”

However, she was glad that her family supported her.

“I had my family there, that was the main thing. I think I was more worried about telling my family than the actual wedding day. That was more scary for me,” she told The Mirror.

Fans ‘cringe’ at Arthur’s vows

During the first episode of Married At First Sight, Arthur announced his vows to Laura, saying: “You are my happiness, my everything. I love you.”

Laura was left confused, saying: “The boy has confessed his love to me and I don’t even know his surname.”

Fans were in agreement with the bride, admitting they were left cringing, with one person saying: “Most girls don’t want to hear ‘I love you’ Arthur, they want to be loved. Very different.”

Another chimed in: “Laura and Arthur’s wedding is giving me second-hand embarrassment,” while a third wrote: “When Arthur said ‘I love you’ I almost DIED.”

Who are the grooms on this year’s MAFS UK?

The brides in this year’s Married At First Sight are:

  • Arthur who’s 34 and works as a tennis coach
  • Brad who’s 27 and a model
  • Georges who’s 30 and is a sports rehabilitator
  • Luke who’s also 30 and works as a sales executive
  • Nathanial who’s 36 and is a marketing and events manager
  • Paul who’s 26 and works as an account manager
  • Terence who’s 40 and works as a DJ and a youth worker
  • Thomas who’s 27 and works within Investment Communications

Meet MAFS UK’s first transgender contestant

Ella Morgan Clark is the first transgender contestant to take part in Married At First Sight UK.

The 29-year-old is a clinic consultant from Weston-super-Mare.

Speaking about her participation, she said: “This experiment is so much more than just me getting married. I see this as a big deal for someone who has transitioned.”

When Ella was announced, fans speculated that her future groom might not find out about her transition until after they tied the know, however, Ella put those theories to rest.

Speaking to BBC’s Newsbeat, she explained: “Because it was the first time Channel 4 had ever done something like this, I agreed along with them that once they’d found me a match my husband was made aware that I was trans prior to the wedding.

“He was aware that I was trans and I had transitioned but he didn’t know anything else about me.”

It comes as contestants aren’t supposed to know anything about their future spouse before they get married.

Who are the brides on this year’s MAFS UK?

The brides in this year’s Married At First Sight are:

  • Ella who’s 29 and is a clinic consultant
  • Jay who’s 31 and a sales manager
  • Laura who’s 34 and a finance manager
  • Peggy wh0’s 32 and a technology risk partner
  • Porscha who’s 36 and is an executive assistant
  • Rosaline who’s 28 and works as a florist
  • Shona who’s 31 and is a performing arts teacher
  • Tasha who’s 25 and works as a childcare assistant

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