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Kendall Jenner has been slammed for “rude and dismissive” behaviour in a resurfaced clip from her time as a Victoria’s Secret angel.

The 2022 video, making the rounds on Reddit, shows the 27-year-old model’s interaction with a fan at a Victoria’s Secret show, with viewers furiously branding Jenner an “unbearable”.

In the viral clip, Jenner is dressed in a pink silk robe and seated in a makeup chair as a group of fans gather behind her.

She then takes what appears to be one of the women’s phones standing behind her and snaps a selfie, smiling at the camera with the fans behind her.

Immediately after the selfie is taken, she gives the phone back, her smile dropping as soon as she’s finished with the selfie, and gazes at herself in the mirror as she pulls up her iconic Victoria’s Secret robe.

“She’s such a meanie,” Reddit user @Realistic-Treacle-65 said, alongside the seven-second-video.

The user’s post triggered similar fury from other users who also shared their opinions on the Keeping Up With The Kardashians reality star.

“This is why I despise Kendall the most. Yea (sic) the other sisters can probably be a little rude and they’re problematic in their own ways but Kendall is never nice, she’s a to everyone,” one user said.

“You can just tell that she thinks she’s better than everyone, that were beneath her.”

“Something about way her face falls as she hitches her robe up with the dead eyes is truly unsettling,” another user said.

“Why would anyone like her after seeing her do something like that, so f…ing rude and dismissive,” a third person said.

However, some users stuck up for Jenner, saying they felt sorry for the model who looked upset.

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