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In a monumental leak, crucial information regarding ongoing projects within the Xbox ecosystem has been made public. In a wave of fresh documentation, everything from future consoles and controllers to planned games was revealed, and it all comes from a slip-up made in the filings from the FTC vs. Microsoft trial. It was several weeks ago that this case wrapped up, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t still plenty of unseen documents floating around.

This is arguably the most impactful leak to emerge from the entire debate thus far, as it outlines key information regarding Xbox’s strategy for the next decade. In these leaks, new versions of existing consoles and controllers were revealed, but several games were also revealed as being in development. There was also a breakdown of every side project that Xbox and Microsoft are working on, from cloud-based gaming consoles to peripherals.

Everything Revealed in the FTC vs. Microsoft Leaks

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If there’s one thing that we’d draw immediate attention to, it is the confirmation of sorts that an all-new, refreshed Xbox Series X console is on the horizon. Dubbed ‘Project Brooklin’, this brand-new console boasts countless improvements over the existing Xbox Series X. Reportedly, according to the leaks, it’ll feature 2 TB of storage, a rebuilt low-power mode, improved accessory experiences, and an all-new physical design.

Not only that but there’s an improved Xbox Series S on the way – Project Ellewood. There’s a massive focus on making these consoles more sustainable than ever before, starting with the packaging and working outwards.

It has been said that there won’t even be a price hike – Project Brooklin will cost around $499 at launch and Ellewood will bear a price tag of around $299.

It doesn’t end there on the console front, though – another page of these leaked documents seems to have confirmed that Xbox’s ‘Cloud Console’ is funded and planned for development. This super-affordable, internet-focused console will reportedly cost around $100 and it’ll be a lightweight cloud-based console bundled with a controller.

Before we forget, there’s also a new controller in the works. It’s named Project Sebile, and it’s allegedly the most immersive Xbox controller ever made. It’s sustainable and durable, boasts a rechargeable and swappable battery, and features enhanced haptics and better connectivity than ever before.

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What About The Games?

In a separate leaked document uploaded to the popular forum, Resetera, it was revealed that a title release schedule also exists. It’s ever so slightly outdated, but it has revealed several projects that are at least planned internally. Here are some of the games featured in this particular document:

  • Fallout 3 Remaster
  • Ghostwire: Tokyo sequel
  • Dishonored 3
  • DOOM Year Zero
  • Indiana Jones Game

It’s one of the most monumental leaks we’ve seen and it reveals a huge amount about the future of Xbox over the next few years. Unfortunately, it seems like this leak was borne of a mistake made in the filings from the FTC vs. Microsoft trial, as this information was never supposed to be made public – so, someone is getting in trouble.

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