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While Elemental didn’t exactly kick off its box office run with a bang this past summer, it ended up being a bigger commercial hit than expected. After Pixar’s latest movie crossed the $400 million worldwide mark, the studio’s president, Jim Morris, was confident that the flick wouldn’t be a flop. With over $484 million under its belt, it could arguably be considered a sleeper hit, and now that Elemental can be watched on Disney+, it’s broken a big record for the Mouse House’s streaming service.

Elemental premiered to Disney+ subscribers on September 13, and the company reports that it’s now become the most-watched movie premiere on the platform in 2023, scoring 26.4 million views within its first five days of availability (a view is defined as total stream time divided by runtime). This also makes it Disney+’s most-viewed animated movie premiere since Turning Red arrived in March 2022, as well as the platform’s most-viewed movie premiere of all time in Latin America, just edging out Turning Red.

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