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For many, the beginning of each new season welcomes an opportunity to overhaul all the clothes and accessories that made up the previous one. At least, that’s how fashion brands encourage consumers to behave when they anoint one trend after another as the next big thing.

According to Melissa Rivers, not all of these trends—some of which are predictably recycled year upon year—should be adhered to. Daughter of late comedian Joan Rivers, the actress and television host is known for her firm footing in the fashion world, due to a three-year-long stint on E!’s Fashion Police. She told Newsweek that there are three key trends that people should avoid getting bamboozled by this fall.

Melissa Rivers can be seen here in one of her favorite staple fall outfits. The actress, host and fashion expert broke down the three top trends people should be avoiding this fall, and why. Melissa Rivers / Getty Images

Overpriced Fashion

While Rivers may possess an enviable bank balance, she’s not one to splash her cash on the latest pricy trend. The actress believes that it’s important people buy items that they genuinely like, instead of feeling pressured to fork out large sums just to keep up with the latest trendy pair of shoes or handbag. For Rivers, the “overpricing” of some items and lines in the fashion industry just isn’t worth getting behind and doesn’t equate to a flattering look.

“The worst trend of all right now, by far, is the absurd overpricing we are currently seeing in fashion. It’s absolutely ridiculous and prohibitively expensive,” Rivers told Newsweek.

If Rivers had it her way, the high cost of some items and the pressure that’s being placed on people to spend their savings on them would be massively decreased.

Overly Baggy Jeans

Next up on her list of trends to avoid this fall are overly baggy jeans. The tightness and length of our jeans have fluctuated over the past 50 years, to say the least. With the rise of flairs in the 70s, to mom jeans in the 90s, bootcuts and skinnies in the 2000s and a mix of them all being restyled by Gen Z now, it can be tough to know which styles are actually worth holding on to.

Rivers argues that most cuts can look flattering, given the right styling and sizing, besides overly baggy jeans. For the actress, these wide-leg oblong-shaped pants are a clear no-go-zone this season.

“Maybe it’s because I’m small, but I feel like it’s just impossible to get the proportions right with overly baggy jeans. If you’re 10 feet tall and 12 lbs, yeah, sure, it looks good. Other than that, it’s a pass,” she said.

Micro Miniskirts

Micro miniskirts first exploded onto the fashion scene in the 1960s, when Mary Quant and André Courrèges rolled out space age-themed micro mini-designs in both London and Paris respectively. While miniskirts have been praised as a rejection of prudishness pr as a symbol of modernity, Rivers argues that despite their cute look and historical status, micro miniskirts should be totally avoided this fall because “no one wants to know what underwear you’re wearing”.

She explained: “Avoid the micro mini skirts. No matter how cute it looks, you should at least be able to bend over without everyone knowing what brand of underwear you wear.”

You are now all set for the fall season.

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