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Sarah Al Amiri, the Minister of State for Science and Chairwoman of the United Arab Emirates Space Agency (UAESA), is spearheading ambitious space projects for the UAE. Growing up in a country where space exploration was not a priority, Amiri’s fascination with space led her to become a pioneer in the field.

Amiri played a crucial role in the UAESA’s Mars Hope mission to the red planet as the project’s science lead. Despite the setback of a crashed lander during an attempted moon mission, Amiri remains determined to pursue even more ambitious projects.

The UAESA’s next major endeavor will be a mission to the asteroid belt in 2028, in collaboration with the University of Colorado Boulder. This challenging mission will explore space resources for future human exploration and study the origins of water-based asteroids. It will also allow for the development of new scientific and technological capabilities.

Amiri emphasizes the importance of sustainability and commercial opportunities in the space sector. The UAESA aims to establish a sustained exploration mission, as well as foster a robust commercial space industry. This industry would supply spacecraft for Earth observation purposes and drive innovation.

In line with the global trend of private aerospace companies taking a leading role in space exploration, Amiri highlights the UAESA’s partnership with private entities. The agency collaborates with private sector companies and individuals to develop mission concepts and technologies. They have also enabled companies to contribute to spacecraft development and Earth observation projects, particularly in monitoring and fighting climate change.

Amiri’s vision for the future of UAE’s space exploration includes a strong partnership between the public and private sectors. By engaging with commercial entities, the UAESA can benefit from cutting-edge technologies and cultivate a symbiotic relationship.

As the UAE continues to make significant strides in space exploration, Amiri’s leadership and determination pave the way for a future of scientific advancements and transformative projects.

– United Arab Emirates Space Agency (UAESA): The governmental agency responsible for coordinating and regulating space activities in the UAE.
– Mars Hope mission: A projectthe UAESA to send an orbiter to Mars to study its atmosphere and climate.
– Private aerospace companies: Non-governmental organizations that specialize in space technology and exploration, often fundedprivate investors.
– Asteroid belt: A region between Mars and Jupiter where many asteroids are located.
– Earth observation: The use of satellites or other platforms to collect data about the Earth’s surface and atmosphere.

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