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The disclaimers at the beginning of most true crime documentaries have become standardized in recent years, written in legalese that is cold, distant and without a unique voice. Though the same can’t be said for Psycho: The Lost Tapes of Ed Gein, a new MGM+ docuseries. The show is about the crimes and impact of the serial killer and grave-robber whose offenses influenced all-time great horror movies like Psycho and The Texas Chainsaw Massacre. It’s a compelling piece of programming and, apparently, its warnings received some inspiration from TikTok.

Before a single image of Ed Gein’s crimes or unearthed interviews from shortly before his 1957 arrest are shown, audiences are greeted with a unique warning card. Each one has a candor and macabre sensibility that sets the tone for this entry on the 2023 TV schedule. It was director and executive producer James Buddy Day who revealed to CinemaBlend that these warning cards were actually influenced by the explosion of true crime on social media, specifically TikTok:

We spent hours watching all these true crime TikToks and how they’re engaging with the audience, and what is it that’s making them so engaging? And we just really felt like if you’re more transparent with the audience, if you just kind of tell them what they’re in store for, what you’re going for, if you tell them that up front, it just enables your audience to just engage with your content on such a better level. You’re letting them into the tent right away.

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