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Portland Trail Blazers are approaching the end of Dame time. While the 7-time all-star made his wishes for a transfer clear nearly two months ago, a trade is yet to happen. However, with training camp just a few weeks away, the decision can’t be pending for long. On the other hand, younger teammates of Damian Lillard are just begging to shine for Portland. Despite the transfer cloud looming over the Blazers, their rookie might just have stepped into his sophomore year as a star.

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The 20-year-old is off a solid rookie campaign and seems ready for the grind that lies ahead of him. With a young roster already lined up after this year’s NBA Draft, things might just look up for Rip City.

Kevin Durant Humbled Dame’s Young Teammate


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Shaedon Sharpe finished his debut in the NBA with a shiny record of 9.9 points and 3 rebounds a game. Although too early to predict, Sharpe’s rookie year could be a positive indication. Recently, the 7th overall pick from Canada sat down for an interview. In it, he spoke about the glaring highlights of his first in the NBA. Sharpe recalls a moment when he was humbled by the Slim Reaper.

The youngster is first asked about his thoughts on the influx of Canadian talent in the NBA. Sharpe replies, “It feels really good. People know Canada as a hockey country. So just trying to bring basketball to the map and to the city; to put Canada on the map with basketball is a special feeling.” 

The interviewer then asks a pertinent question, “What’s your welcome to the league moment?” The rookie says,“Honestly, I can’t even remember. I’ll probably say when I was guarding KD (Kevin Durant) and he did his signature move on me and drove it to the hoop and he caught me. I fouled him and I’m like, ‘This is really the league”. 


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The Prospect of Sco0t Henderson and Shaedon Sharpe

The Blazers chose Scott Henderson with the second overall pick in the NBA Draft. Henderson and Sharpe will make for a really intriguing combo. Similarly, it will be interesting to watch the competition.

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However, the regular season leaves a lot yet to be found. Will the young TrailBlazers work without Dame? Or will the roster need some time to adjust?

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