The Speculation Is Over! Nelly FINALLY Confirms Rekindled Relationship With Ashanti: ‘It Surprised Both Of Us’

After plenty of chatter and speculation, Nelly confirmed that he and Ashanti are back ON and have rekindled their romance!

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Nelly Says He & Ashanti “Being Separate” Helped Them “Understand” Each Other

The subject came up during Nelly’s recent sit-down on Rasheeda Frost’s Boss Moves with Rasheeda series. Rasheeda immediately got it poppin’ by straightforwardly inquiring, “So you and Ashanti are back together?”

After laughingly reacting to Rasheeda’s question, Nelly declared, “Yeah. We cool again.”

The St. Louis-bred rapper said the reconciliation wasn’t “planned,” though he thinks their time apart was good for them.

“I think it surprised both of us, though. It wasn’t anything that was, like, planned. I think we both was pretty much doing what we do. But sometimes being separate, you understand one another more.”

He noted that he feels good about the relationship, as it doesn’t feel like they’re under the same “pressure” they felt beforehand.

“It’s no pressure. Before, I felt like both of us were doing what we were doing career wise. And when you’ve got so many people in the middle of it, it can be tough.”

Fans React To The Confirmation Following Long-Drawn-Out Speculation

As The Shade Room reported, this development follows Ashanti and Nelly being spotted holding hands at the fight between Gervonta “Tank” Davis and Ryan Garcia on Apr. 22. When people saw photos of the pair, there was immediate speculation about them spinnin’ the block, and this wasn’t the only noteworthy interaction between the couple, who were an item for a decade,

Ashanti and Nelly heated it up late last year while performing “Body On Me.” She later acknowledged that they were “cool” while playing coy when asked if she’d ever get back with him.

In 2021, Nelly also made headlines for appearing enthusiastic about seeing Ashanti during the Verzuz battle between Fat Joe and Ja Rule.

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Now that Nelly confirmed that he and Ashanti are indeed “cool again,” fans of the artists are losing their minds at the news!

Beneath The Shade Room’s Instagram upload on the subject, a user going by @jessmoeblaze acknowledged that Nelly was “giggling like a school girl.”

“He all giggling like a school girl. That’s so cute.”

People also reacted by quoting some of the artist’s lyrics, such as @jovontapatton sharing, “That’s her baby, baby, baby, babeeee.” Another Roomie, @viniirevlon, referenced Nelly’s melancholy “Over and Over” track by writing, “Cause it’s all in maaaa head!”

Humorously, @pisces4life87 stated, “Hey, sometimes spinning the block is a good thing…. Not for me tho y’all be safe, chile.” 

However, not everyone was here for the development, as @welovenailah penned, “At this big age and after all these years, she don’t wanna hear ‘we cool again.’ Marry her or keep it pushing.”

Similarly, @tweexdee noted, “If my man not this excited to talk about me, then ion want him.”

On the other hand, people like @ur__highness felt differently and observed, “The way he started blushing is so cute!!!”

Are you here for Nelly confirming that he’s back together with Ashanti, Roomies?

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