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The heartthrob of Hollywood, Ryan Gosling, has proven his mettle in the film industry over time. Throughout his career, the actor has never failed to demonstrate his versatility and impeccable acting skills. With his diverse range of films, Gosling has ventured into almost every genre in his resume. However, where he falls short is the superhero genre.

If you think, the actor didn’t get the opportunity to portray a superhero character, you couldn’t be more wrong. Previously, when DC was finalizing the cast for the Suicide Squad, one name that came to makers’ minds was Gosling’s. However, surprisingly, when the actor was offered a role in the film he respectfully turned it down due to prior commitments.

Ryan Gosling

Why did Ryan Gosling let go of a role in a mega superhero franchise?

Whether he is playing the romantic lead in films like The Notebook and La La Land, or portraying an anti-hero in Drive, Ryan Gosling has excelled in every genre he’s tackled. However, fans have been eagerly waiting to see him in the superhero suit. To their surprise and dismay, Gosling was offered a role in a DC film, but the actor rejected it. 

About seven years ago, DC launched a supervillains-centric film Suicide Squad, which generated a lot of hype at the time. Director David Ayer, in collaboration with Warner Bros and DC, faced the daunting task of assembling the perfect cast for Suicide Squad.

Suicide Squad Joker
Suicide Squad Joker

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When considering the role of Joker, one name that struck everyone’s mind was Gosling’s. However, when the production team approached Gosling for the role of the Clown Prince of Crime, he declined the offer because he had prior commitments.

At that time, Gosling was preoccupied with two major projects, the 2016 films The Nice Guy and La La Land

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Ryan Gosling adhered to the principles of variety and artistic integrity 

Ryan Gosling
Ryan Gosling

Apart from scheduling conflict, there was one more reason why Ryan Gosling declined the opportunity to appear in a DC film. Throughout his career, Gosling has showcased his talent in various film genres, and it’s undeniable that he can excel in any role. Gosling is well aware of this fact, and it influenced his decision to avoid comic book films.

The reason why Gosling does not opt for a comic book film is because of his multi-film contracts. The actor believes that a superhero role might prevent him from switching genres if he becomes tied to a particular character in the franchise. 

Looking at Gosling’s successful career, it can be said that the actor made a wise choice. 

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