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  • Armored Core 6’s Balteus boss fight has been nerfed, reducing the tracking of his missile waves, making it slightly easier for players to avoid them.
  • Some fans are unhappy with the change, believing it erodes the hardcore spirit of the game, while others appreciate the break it gives newer players.
  • Despite the nerf, Balteus still provides a challenging experience, and the game has many more tough boss encounters to come.

The Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon community has become split over FromSoftware’s decision to nerf Chapter 1’s notoriously difficult final boss Balteus. A year after Elden Ring dominated sales charts and won Game of the Year at The Game Awards, its highly celebrated studio FromSoftware has returned to its long-dormant mech combat franchise with Armored Core 6. While it’s much different than any of the studio’s more recent Soulslike offerings, Armored Core 6 has been praised as one of this year’s best games.

As the final boss of Chapter 1, Armored Core 6‘s Balteus fight has been talked about by fans as one of the game’s greatest early skill checks for new players. The autonomous machine has a deep playbook of attacks to throw at the player, and is covered in a pulse armor shield that must be cracked with plasma weapons in order for players to start dealing real damage. One of Balteus’ most difficult attacks to dodge is his relentless rocket barrage, which sees three massive waves of missiles flung at the player at a rapid pace. Getting caught in this attack is catastrophic, so players must make sure their mechs are energy efficient enough to be able to dodge or assault boost away.

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Part of Armored Core 6‘s recent 1.02 patch saw a small nerf to the Balteus boss fight. The tracking of his massive missile salvo waves has been reduced, making it slightly easier for players to avoid them. These missiles have been so relentless that even dodging them perfectly still results in a small amount of splash damage most of the time. This same update saw buffs to several of the player weapons, giving players another small leg up on Armored Core 6‘s first big skill check.

Since beginning its Dark Souls franchise, FromSoftware has garnered the reputation of making some of the industry’s most difficult games. As such, it’s cultivated a hardcore fanbase which enjoys the brutal challenges the studio’s games provide. Armored Core 6 is no different. Many FromSoftware fans have been voicing their disapproval of this change to Balteus’ missiles, claiming that the hardcore spirit of the game is eroding. Part of the Armored Core 6 experience is adjusting one’s mech assembly to the challenge or boss fight ahead. With this nerf, it makes it so heavier, lower-energy builds may no longer need to adjust too much against Balteus. Others welcome this controversial change, as Balteus is still far from a cakewalk post-patch.

While many hardcore FromSoftware fans hold the studio’s unrelenting difficulty sacred, it’s good to see the studio giving newer players a small break with Balteus’ often overwhelming missile silos. The boss is still sure to provide plenty of challenge as Chapter 1’s finale, and Armored Core 6 features many more challenging boss encounters in the chapters to follow.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is available now for PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X|S.

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