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Twitch streamer Trainwreck sent shockwaves through the Twitch community, still grappling with the fallout from the negative impact of gambling streams, as he publicly stated that his earnings from gambling streams on the platform had reached a staggering $360 million.

Averaging $22 Million per Month

Twitch, the foremost platform for video game streaming, recently banned unregulated gambling sites, removing media like Stake, Rollbit, and Duelbits, which collaborated with many streamers. However, Trainwreck’s unexpected announcement is poised to reignite discussions about gambling streams.

Trainwreck, a prominent content creator on Twitch, asserted a live stream of Overwatch 2 with Pokelawls on October 19. He revealed that he had amassed $360 million in the 16 months since he had entered a contract with the crypto gambling site Stake to broadcast gambling-related content.

This statement triggered bewilderment among viewers. Some openly doubted the accuracy of Trainwreck’s claim. In contrast, others questioned whether the quoted sum encompassed the total amounts wagered and lost or included funds held within the gambling site as credit.

Trainwreck’s assertion contradicts the gambling track record of another well-known streamer, xQc, who had also engaged in gambling sessions. XQc’s net winnings amounted to just under 11% despite wagering over half a billion dollars. Although xQc conceded last month that streaming gambling was ethically questionable, he refused to alter his stance.

Ethical Obligations Towards Audience

Debates concerning the merits and drawbacks of gambling streams among Twitch streamers escalated recently following expressions of concern from several prominent streamers. They argued that gambling streams harm viewers, particularly minors who might be exposed to gambling at an impressionable age.

After a month-long hiatus from social media, Pokimane joined the discourse by critiquing gambling streamers. She aimed her comments at Drake, who had engaged in substantial crypto bets on Stake. She raised questions about whether he was fully aware of the origins of the funds provided by Stake for his gambling activities, shedding light on the issue of gambling sponsorships.

Matthew “Mizkif” Rinaudo also chimed in, responding to news that another well-regarded Twitch streamer, Sliker, had resorted to scamming his audience to sustain his gambling habit. In response, Mizkif vented his frustration at the platform and called for a prohibition on gambling-related content.

Twitch’s decision to ban unregulated gambling sites resulted in divided opinions among streamers. While some saw the ban as a positive stride, others, like Trainwreck, criticized the hypocrisy of outlawing casino gaming while permitting poker and sports betting content.

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