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In an extraordinary blend of fan passion and professional craft, Bethesda‘s latest space epic, Starfield, made headlines again but not for its starships or extensive universe. Instead, the spotlight shifted to clutter – the very objects that make an environment look “lived-in.”

Paying close attention to even the smallest of details can make a huge impact in a game like Starfield.

Believe it or not, Emmi “Elianora” Junkkari, rgw Skyrim clutter mod creator, was stealthily recruited by Bethesda to work her magic dust over Starfield’s in-game environments. The artist revealed her secret role in a recent Facebook update, stating, “I was merely pretending whatever I said I hadn’t a clue what Starfield would be like… actually, I placed some of that clutter myself.”

Elianora’s statement drew praise from fans and critics alike. Players had been in awe of Starfield’s attention to the small details, often mistaking them for simple artistic prowess of the game developers. Unfortunately, the true architect that’s behind those bric-a-bracs was someone they’d been familiar with, especially if they’d ever modded Skyrim to look more “homely.”

Elianora, mod author known for her cluttered and lived-in Fallout and Skyrim house mods, was a “lighting and clutter artist” on Starfield
by u/Eamonsieur in Starfield

If you’ve roamed through Starfield’s random bionics labs or settlements, you might have already noted the impact that Elianora’s handiwork makes. Certain places in the game look “used,” unlike the pristine, unrealistic settings often seen in other games. This lived-in vibe brings not just aesthetic pleasure but an uncanny sense of immersion, compelling its players to comb through tables filled with junk six times over to ensure they’ve scored every last bit of “science loot.”

Elianora’s fan-favorite mods for Skyrim were already renowned for their attention to detail, adding a variety of hyper-realistic lived-in clutter that breathed life into the game’s sprawling world. Being officially recognized and employed by Bethesda was perhaps the highest accolade an artist in her position could receive, fueling curiosity about just how many mod developers actually contribute to Bethesda’s projects. After all, who better understands the gameplay experience and environmental aesthetics than those who’ve spent countless hours fine-tuning them?

The subtle changes made by the modder in Starfield helps make it more immersive.

Entering small areas in Starfield evokes a strong sense of deja vu, reminding you of Elianora’s previous work.

The addition of Elianora to the Starfield team isn’t just a win for the modding community but also an emblematic tale for the broader gaming ecosystem. It showcases the limitless possibilities of what a game can achieve when the creators form a deep, respectful, and, in this case, quite literal partnership with their audience. Elianora, for her part, appears to have embraced this unexpected journey wholeheartedly, even commemorating her Starfield adventure with a tattoo.

So, as we steer our ships through the vast cosmic arena of Starfield, scrutinizing every nook and cranny in settlements or floating stations, remember: somewhere amidst those seemingly random objects on a forgotten shelf is the influence of a fan turned creator. As Elianora said, “Enjoy our game. Now let’s go out there and explore.”

In doing so, we’re not just exploring virtual planets and stars; we’re navigating a universe with zero boundaries between the players, modders, and developers, making the whole gaming experience all the more rich and human.

Because, at the end of the day, we’re all in awe of the universe that Bethesda has created in Starfield

We’ll find out soon enough just how many more modders were hired to help out in the development of Starfield.

Speaking of Starfield, a Bethesda exec recently downplayed the presence of issues and bugs in the game. Finally, a win is all but guarantied at this point for Starfield with hundreds of thousands playing it on Steam in Early Access

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