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Inside Project Runway contestants’ salaries

According to Monthly PortlandProject Runway does not pay the contestants and many find themselves having to quit their jobs to be on the show.

The winner may get a fashion spread in Marie Claire magazine, a new car, $50,000 in design software, and $100,000 to start a new clothing line.

And unfortunately for the losers, all they get is their 15 minutes of fame.

The models who walk the runway on Project Runway, showing off the designers’ garments, are not paid either – but they do receive free food. 

Korto’s firey exit, part two

Upon returning to the green room, Korto said: “There’s nothing ill-fitting about it; I don’t care what anybody says. It was precise. I’m a good tailor, I’m a good designer—I’m a great designer—and I’ve made beautiful things in my life, and I will continue to.

“So nothing that’s been said today is going to take anything from me. But I didn’t come into a competition to play a game; I came into it to play it fairly and have a real, true chance.

“And there’s nothing I designed tonight that was not what it was supposed to be. So, I wish y’all all the luck. Y’all were the gifts, and y’all were the prize.”

Host Christian Siriano was stunned and responded: “Bye, Korto.”

The other contestants mimicked his response and awkwardly said goodbye to Korto.

Korto’s firey exit

Korto wasn’t going down without a fight when the judges decided to eliminate her.

She disagreed with their judgments of her look and called them out for giving her “mixed messages.”

After she was told to pack her bags, she returned to the green room in a fiery mood.

She told Christian Siriano and her fellow designers: “There’s nothing wrong with my outfit.”

Korto slammed the judges for ‘mixed messages’

Korto Momolu, an All Star from season five went home two weeks ago after failing to create a look that resonated with the judges during the Double Bind challenge.

After Nina critiqued her for creating a look that wasn’t formal enough, Korto called her out for mixed messages.

The prior week, she was told her outfit was “too safe,” clashing with her feedback to create a more formal look.

“I really feel like when I come up here, I get these mixed messages,” she told the judge.

Top four revealed

The top four contestants on Project Runway All Stars season 20 are:

  • Brittany Allen (season 18)
  • Laurence Basse (season 15)
  • Bishme Cromartie (season 17)
  • Rami Kashou (season 4) – Eliminated in episode 8 but Christian Siriano used his safe

They will be competing tonight in the menswear challenge to move on to the final four.

Recapping season 20

The following contestants of Project Runway All Stars competed in season 20:

  • Nora Pagel (season 1) – Eliminated in episode 2
  • Mila Hermanovski (season 7) – Eliminated in episode 3
  • Viktor Luna (season 9) – Eliminated in episode 4
  • Hester Sunshine (season 17) – Eliminated in episode 5
  • Johnathan “Kayne” Gillaspie (season 3) – eliminated in episode 6
  • Fabio Costa (season 10) – eliminated in episode 7
  • Rami Kashou (season 4) – Eliminated in episode 8 but Christian Siriano used his safe
  • Anna Yinan Zhou (season 19) – Eliminated in episode 9
  • Kara Saun (season 1) – Eliminated in episode 10
  • Korto Momolu (season 5) – Eliminated in episode 11
  • Prajjé Oscar Jean-Baptiste (season 19) – Eliminated in episode 12

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