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For years, the modding community has thrived in Bethesda’s games, so it’s no surprise that one of the big questions about Starfield is whether it supports mods and Creation Club. Modding video games is a common practice across various franchises, as it helps players add different features they wish were present in the game. In title with character creation, for instance, it can expand on the available options so players can create a truly unique avatar. With a game like Starfield, it practically begs for custom content. Let’s discuss if modders can have their fun.

Starfield and Creation Club – Are Mods Supported?

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Modders can rejoice to know that Starfield will have mod support similar to other Bethesda games. Game Director Todd Howard revealed this back in a Reddit Q&A in 2021. However, devs released no further details on the matter.

Creation Club support for Starfield remains another hot topic for the modding community. Although the devs never made any comments about the Club, there is more recent positive word about mods. Vandal, a Spanish gaming website, held an interview with Pete Hines, head of Bethesda Publishing. Hines mentioned that although there is no mod support at launch, Starfield will eventually have mods on PC and Xbox.

Even without those interviews, there was always a strong chance that Starfield would have mod and Creation Club support due to the lack of any hint of Denuvo. Denuvo is an anti-piracy software that prevents tampering, but no other Bethesda game has it. So, we’re comfortable with the fact that modders can go wild while out in space, just not at launch.

What Is Creation Club?

For those of you who don’t know, Creation Club is Bethesda’s answer to the modding community. It’s a place where gamers can access created content by Bethesda and external development partners. However, when it launched back in 2017, it wasn’t without controversy. As it is a paid service, some fans balked at paying for official mods in Fallout and Skyrim when other creators posted mods freely.

If Starfield were to have Creation Club, many of the users would perhaps be console players like it is for other Bethesda games. Modding has always been big in the PC world since those players can access places like Nexus Mods. However, console players were left behind in that area. Creation Club certainly bridges the gap, even if it is a paid service.


Starfield Already Has a Community Patch for Modders

Starfield will release on September 6 for PC and Xbox Series X|S.

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