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Updated: Aug 31, 2023 3:56 pm

NBA 2K24 is coming out very soon, and fans of the game can take control of their favorite NBA franchise- either for a career or for a quick game. Naturally, some teams are better than others. They have better players and their ratings get higher. Right now, the team ratings have not been revealed. For now, we’re predicting which ones will top the charts.

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Who are the best teams in NBA 2K24?

Please keep in mind that these are predictions. When the ratings are official, this article will be updated to reflect each team’s accurate rank.

Team Rating prediction Best player
Atlanta Hawks 82 Trae Young- 89 OVR
Boston Celtics 88 Jayson Tatum- 95 OVR
Brooklyn Nets 81 Mikal Bridges- 86 OVR
Charlotte Hornets 80 LaMelo Ball- 86 OVR
Chicago Bulls 80 Zach Lavine- 86 OVR
Cleveland Cavaliers 83 Donovan Mitchell- 92 OVR
Dallas Mavericks 82 Luka Doncic- 96 OVR
Denver Nuggets 93 Nikola Jokic- 98 OVR
Detroit Pistons 76 Cade Cunningham- 84 OVR
Golden State Warriors 89 Stephen Curry- 96 OVR
Houston Rockets 78 Jalen Green- 83 OVR
Indiana Pacers 81 Tyrese Haliburton- 88 OVR
Los Angeles Clippers 86 Kawhi Leonard- 94 OVR
Los Angeles Lakers 86 LeBron James- 96 OVR
Memphis Grizzlies 88 Ja Morant- 92 OVR
Miami Heat 86 Jimmy Butler- 95 OVR
Milwaukee Bucks 92 Giannis Antetokounmpo- 96 OVR
Minnesota Timberwolves 83 Anthony Edwards- 88 OVR
New Orleans Pelicans 89 Zion Williamson- 90 OVR
New York Knicks 82 Julius Randle- 87 OVR
Oklahoma City Thunder 85 Shai Gilgeous-Alexander- 93 OVR
Orlando Magic 80 Paolo Banchero- 84 OVR
Philadelphia 76ers 91 Joel Embiid- 96 OVR
Phoenix Suns 92 Kevin Durant- 96 OVR
Portland Trail Blazers 85 Damian Lillard- 94 OVR
Sacramento Kings 87 Domantas Sabonis- 89 OVR
San Antonio Spurs 79 Victor Wembanyama- 84 OVR
Toronto Raptors 83 Pascal Siakam- 86 OVR
Utah Jazz 80 Lauri Markkanen- 86 OVR
Washington Wizards 78 Kyle Kuzma- 83 OVR

Take control of your favorite NBA team and guide them through the playoffs to the NBA Finals in franchise mode. You can also play with them in head-to-head matchups and skip the postseason. NBA 2K24 is available on PC, Xbox Series X|S, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, and PlayStation 4.

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