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  • Dalton Gomez’s life has changed dramatically since his seperation from Ariana Grande.
  • Gomez has been trying to move on and get back on the dating market.
  • Despite the public eye, Gomez is grateful for the support of his friends and family during this difficult time.

Thanks to Ariana Grande‘s incredibly successful music career, she can enjoy a lifestyle that most people can only dream of. Believed to have a $240 million fortune, Grande reportedly can afford to buy just about anything she wants.

Unfortunately for Grande, no matter how fortunate she is in most aspects of her life, she has struggled to find lasting love. Now that Grande and her husband Dalton Gomez are preparing to divorce, she isn’t the only one whose life has been affected. According to reports, Gomez’s life has been changing a lot since his relationship with Grande ended.

How Did Ariana Grande And Dalton Gomez Meet And Fall In Love?

Since there are millions of people in the world who love to follow celebrity gossip, the tabloids and gossip websites report on every rumored relationship that includes stars. As anyone who follows those reports knows, most celebrities date other famous people.

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Before Dalton Gomez became famous as Ariana Grande’s husband, he was a highly successful real estate agent who wasn’t famous. That begs an obvious question, how did Grande and Gomez meet and fall in love?

According to an insider, when Grande was seeking to buy some Los Angeles real estate, her team found Gomez for her. When Grande and Gomez first met, he was there to show her some real estate listings, but he caught her eye more than anything else.

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According to an insider, Grande asked her team to arrange a private meeting with Gomez. After that meeting, Grande and Gomez quickly fell for each other and the rest is history.

Dalton Gomez and Ariana Grande
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In February 2020, reports that Grande and Gomez were a couple first started to surface. By December of the same year, the couple was engaged, and they soon thereafter walked down the aisle in a secret California ceremony.

How Has Dalton Gomez’s Life Changed Since His Divorce From Ariana Grande?

In the modern pop culture landscape, there are a lot of celebrities that most people don’t care about that much. On the other hand, there are stars like Ariana Grande who have loads of fans who are deeply invested in their lives.

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Since many of Grande’s fans really care about her, they tend to become invested in her relationships. In recent years, that has meant that many fans have been rooting for her marriage to Dalton Gomez to last.

Sadly for those fans and more importantly Grande and Gomez, that wasn’t meant to be. After Grande and Gomez tied the knot in May 2021, it was reported that they were getting divorced in July 2023.

As of the time of this writing, Grande and Gomez are still legally married as they work out the details of their divorce. However, since Grande has moved on to a relationship with her Wicked co-star Ethan Slater, they might as well be divorced.

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Since Gomez’s relationship with Grande is over unless something dramatically changes, he has been forced to move on. Unsurprisingly, Gomez hasn’t been making any public declarations about how his life has changed.

First off, there are some ways that Gomez’s life has changed since he broke up with Grande that don’t need to be reported on. The perfect example of that is the obvious fact that Gomez is no longer living with Grande.

According to reports, Grande and Gomez lived together throughout the COVID-19 quarantine period. Going from living with Grande night and day to not seeing her at all is a big enough deal that it could be said that Gomez’s life has changed dramatically based on that alone.

What Did Ariana Grande's Friends Think Of Dalton Gomez Before Their Split After 2 Years Of Marriage_
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Since Gomez is one of the biggest pop stars in the world, the fact that she is getting divorced has piqued the interest of fans all over the world. With that in mind, it makes perfect sense that many publications have done everything they can to cover her divorce from every angle.

When publications haven’t been busy covering Grande’s new relationship with Ethan Slater, some of them have been looking into what Gomez has been up to. As a result, it is possible for fans to have some idea of how Gomez’s life has changed in other ways since his split with Grande.

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As Gomez has been trying to move on, he reportedly has been dealing with the reality that he won’t be spending his life with Grande. Gomez has also reportedly been getting back on the dating market while coping with the intrusive eye of the public despite never wanting to live in the spotlight.

“It’s been a little while since Ariana and Dalton split, but he’s been adjusting to his new normal and learning to accept it for what it is. It’s certainly not how he expected things to play out because he obviously assumed they would be together forever.”

US Weekly continued, “He never imagined he would be going through a divorce in the public eye,” the source explains. “But he’s hanging in there and is grateful for his friends and family who have been really supportive.”

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According to US Weekly’s inside source, Grande and Gomez had a real connection even though their marriage didn’t work out. That has made it harder for Gomez to move on now that his marriage is over for all intents and purposes. “What they had was the real deal and he’s still coming to terms with the fact that they’ve split.”

Fortunately for Gomez, Us Weekly reported that he has people in his life who have been there for him through this painful process. Some of those people reportedly are trying to help Gomez find new love but he reportedly still has some hopes that his marriage isn’t over.

“His friends have been trying to set him up with people and although he’s been dating, he’s still holding out that him and Ariana will get back together.”

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