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Vancouver, B.C. – Canucks Sports and Entertainment today unveiled an impressive package of Phase II building improvements for Rogers Arena that will enhance the experience for fans and make Rogers Arena one of the most digitally-advanced facilities of its kind.

“Our fans and guests expect an outstanding experience when they step inside Rogers Arena and these investments by ownership in digital and hospitality innovation reinforce our commitment to ensuring our facilities rank among the best in the entertainment industry,” said Michael Doyle, President, Canucks Sports and Entertainment, Business Operations. “We are fortunate to have a fantastic location in the heart of our city and the continued investment in the facility will ensure it remains an entertainment centre all of British Columbia can be proud to call home.”

Construction is underway on many of the projects with the intention to be completed before the start of the 2023-24 NHL season. The highlight of Phase II is the installation of a new state-of-the-art ‘bigger and brighter’ video board.

Fans can look forward to a new video board that is almost four times larger (1300 SF per side vs 350 SF) than the previous screen. A high refresh rate of 3840Hz (3,840 times per second) and stronger contrast ratio will also result in a clearer image and more vibrant colours. Lastly, the video board is engineered with a modern seamless curve, allowing viewing angles from all areas in the arena.

This advancement brings fans closer to the heart of the action than ever before. They will be able to witness every game moment with exceptional clarity and intensity.

Along with the video board, a new video ‘ring beam’ will extend around the entire bowl, delivering high quality game information, messages, and animations. There will also be 64 new digital screens installed above every bowl entrance. Programmed and integrated together, each of these new features will greatly improve the fan experience and game entertainment elements at Rogers Arena.

“We believe these investments will enhance the potential for the Province of British Columbia, City of Vancouver and Canucks Sports and Entertainment to attract future events to Vancouver,” said Doyle.

At ice-level, boards, glass, dashers, penalty boxes and benches will also be replaced for the upcoming hockey season, benefiting players and fans alike.

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Premium Hospitality – Event Level Club
An exclusive event level club and restaurant is under construction at ice level between the home and visiting dressing rooms, adding to Rogers Arena’s premium dining and entertainment options. In addition to enjoying an a la carte dining menu, fans within the club will be able to watch the Canucks and visiting teams make their way from their dressing rooms to the ice, bringing them closer to their favourite players than ever before.

With VIP entry from a dedicated parking spot and a private entrance to and from the bowl seating, members will be able to move quickly and seamlessly to and from the club for hockey, lacrosse and concert events.

“Worldclass venues deliver hospitality experiences for a wide range of audiences, and we believe this new centre-ice club will be one of the most sought-after spaces for guests looking for a once-in-a-lifetime hosting experience,” added Doyle.

Phase I of the renovation project started last year with a focus on the player experience with renovations to the team dressing room, exercise facilities, coaches’ offices, and multi-purpose media room. These renovations continued this summer with additional work on the dressing room and the enhancement of medical treatment and recovery spaces.

“Giving our players superb facilities was a top priority for our organization in making Vancouver a preferred place to play in the NHL,” said Doyle. “The vision that Jim, Patrik and Rick have for what they need to win has been embraced by ownership and everyone in the organization.”

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Phase III of this multi-year commitment – beginning Summer 2024 – will include the replacement of all seats in the upper and lower bowl, and the redesign of the North Plaza entry.

Media availability and access will be coordinated once the installation of the video board is complete.

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