Heather Rae El Moussa and Bre Tiesi Take Their Babies to the Beach, ‘Chaos’ Ensues: ‘I’m Still Recovering’

Heather Rae El Moussa and Bre Tiesi shared a beach day for the books, as they quickly learned that bringing babies along to soak in the sand and sunshine can be anything but relaxing. 

The Selling Sunset stars posted a seemingly picture-perfect moment from their outing in a shared Instagram post, holding their little ones while enjoying a cozy scene complete with umbrellas, beach chairs and a boho tent with blankets and pillows. Heather welcomed son Tristan with husband Tarek El Moussa in January, while Bre shares one-year-old son, Legendary, with Nick Cannon

But in her caption, Bre revealed that there was so much more to that image than met the eye. 

“If only you knew what we went through for this photo!” she teased. “Thank you @tableandeve for providing the cutest set up! Sorry the waves had other plans! 😂”

Heather chimed in with a comment, adding: “Omg the chaos 😂😂😂😂 2 babies, naps, beach, waves…… I’m still recovering.”

One beachgoer also commented on the shot, noting that she was near their group that day and that the waves were “crazy.” Heather replied with three laughing emojis, while Bre wrote, “I’m so glad someone bared witness to see the pure chaos 😂”

Heather also shared a reel on her grid declaring herself in her “MOTHER era,” showing off a collection of fun before-and-after shots of life since welcoming her first child. 

Back in March, shortly after welcoming their baby boy, Heather and Tarek sat down with ET and talked about life at home with Tristan.

“I didn’t think I’d be this obsessed with him. I thought, you know, ‘Oh, I’d be OK going to dinners’ or ‘I’d be OK going on the little trips’ and it’s hard to even go to the doctor or, like, leave the house at all or leave him at all to even shower and get ready,” Heather said. “Now we have this little thing we have to protect for the rest of our lives and he’s so precious. He’s such a good baby. I have this insane bond with him that I didn’t know I was going to have and I don’t think you can experience that until he’s here and you have those feelings.”

In June, ET was with Bre and Nick at Legendary’s Disneyland birthday party. Bre opened up about the pair’s unconventional relationship and the possibility of welcoming another child with the longtime TV personality.

“So, here’s the thing that I know everyone wants to argue with me about — but he makes his own schedule. He can show up every day, when he stops from work. He can come at night. So, he’s here every week, and especially when he’s home, he’s here,” Tiesi said. “So, it’s not a set schedule, we don’t have to plan things, but he’s very present and he’s at anything and everything I ask him to be at. So, I’m very happy. He’s very supportive.”

While their arrangement is one that is outside of the norm, Tiesi maintained that it works for the pair, and said that Cannon is very helpful and accommodating when it comes to their 1-year-old. 

“I don’t really feel like there’s anything to adjust to, because I kind of make it however I want. So, I have a nanny during the day, or like the other night, I had to run out and actually show Saweetie a property, and I said, ‘Nick, I need you at 7 p.m. I don’t know what you’re doing, but you’ll be here at seven.’ And he was there,” she added. “So, I don’t really feel like I am struggling or missing anything. It’s all about just communicating and he’s really accommodating, and he’s very helpful. And that man has never told me no.”

Despite having all the support she needs, Tiesi said she isn’t so sure she’s ready to add another little one to the mix just yet.

“That’s a hard one. I do and I don’t. I think that for where I’m at in my career and my life right now, I just don’t know how I could possibly manage another child,” Tiesi admitted.

“Part of me does want to give him another sibling, but he has a few of those, so I don’t think he’s necessarily missing out, but it’s hard. I don’t know,” she added, referencing her son’s many half-siblings.

In addition to Legendary, Cannon is the father of 12, including 12-year-old twins Monroe and Moroccan with ex-wife Mariah Carey; 2-year-old twins Zion and Zillion, and 1-year-old Beautiful Zeppelin with ex Abby De La Rosa; Golden Sagon, 6, Rise Messiah, 11 months, and daughter Powerful Queen, 2, with Brittany Bell; 11-month-old daughter Onyx Ice Cole with LaNisha Cole; and daughter Halo Marie, 8 months, with Alyssa Scott. In 2021, Nick and Alyssa welcomed their late son, Zen, who died of brain cancer at 5 months old.


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