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212ceilingface blows our minds with “SUGARDEMOS.”



To truly enjoy “CHINA WHITE,” you need to become completely immersed in it.

I’m captivated by the entrancing quality of “CHINA WHITE.” To begin with, the song is driven by a haunting, almost eerie beat that would make you uneasy in a dimly lit alley. Layered on top of it, 212 employs a deliberate, mesmerizing vocal delivery to address the detrimental effects of drugs on decision-making. I love the cold stories he tells throughout. Although I might not personally relate to them, they resonate.



2. TAMMI 23

Every Tammi (Besides Tami Roman) needs to be held tight.

In “TAMMI 23,” 212ceilingface does some simping in the most respectable way possible. He discusses indulging, longing for, showing affection to, and admiring his woman, presumably named Tammi. Don’t worry, though, early on, he also references “smoking black and milds” and “hopping out with cutters,” so the content isn’t entirely sweet.

What captivates me about this song is its production that balances between evoking a Rugrats vibe and exuding a raw edge. The way 212ceilingface’s captivating vocals seem to counterbalance the effects is truly intriguing to listen to.




“ZION” is the number one pick, just like the NBA player.

There are so many reasons to f**k with “ZION.” For starters, I love how unadulterated 212ceilingface sounds throughout the song. In his verses, he unapologetically speaks on the impact drugs have had on him, his loyalty to his friends, and his ability to beat adversity. He also issues a challenge to anyone who would question his relentless mindset.

“ZION” features a hard-hitting, mesmerizing beat that, in my interpretation, embodies a victorious uprising against historical oppression (Yeah, I know that sounds weird, but you’ll understand when you hear it). I appreciate how 212ceilingface maintains control over the beat, skillfully delivering a range of emotions from intense to subtle. All in all, this song is an incredibly empowering track.

1. RIVER (3.5/5)

2. SORRY… (3.5/5)

3. ZION (4.5/5)

4. CHINA WHITE (4/5)

5. NO RUSH (3/5)


7. TAMMI 23 (4/5)


9. COKE (4/5) 

10. HDBNGR (3.5/5)

11. FRIENDS 22 (3.5/5)

12. HIT THE SAME (3/5)

13. PENNIES (4/5)



I’ve never heard an album like this. SUGARDEMOS is a full-blown musical experience.

SUGARDEMOS is an album that defies conventional musical boundaries, offering a sonic journey filled with dynamic arrangements and unexpected twists. The album is a canvas of experimentation, where subtle sound effects, glitchy electronic sounds, and audio manipulations intermingle to create a unique auditory experience.

At its core, SUGARDEMOS is a genre-fusing masterpiece, seamlessly blending elements of hip-hop, electronic, and alternative music. The album’s beats and rhythms are anything but ordinary, embracing unconventional patterns and syncopations that keep the listener intrigued and engaged.

Layered vocals and expansive harmonies enhance the album’s lush and immersive soundscapes. Explosive rap deliveries add a punch of intensity, while passionate singing moments evoke raw emotions. The lyrics on SUGARDEMOS are unapologetic and candid, delving deep into themes of relationships—both romantic and friendships—with unfiltered honesty.

SUGARDEMOS is a sonic adventure that pushes the envelope and challenges the status quo. Its diverse influences and intricate arrangements come together to create a musical landscape that’s captivating, unpredictable, and profoundly resonant.

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