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“Dude, where did you get those?,” a 20-something yells to me. “I want to buy one, like right now.” My new friend is standing on the 7th tee box at Omni La Costa’s Legend Golf Course in Carlsbad, Calif., watching in awe as I’m flying by on a neon-colored Finn Scooter.

The latest version of this sleek, fat-tire vehicle from popular golf bag and outerwear company Sun Mountain is pretty much an electric bike specifically made for golf. It sports a patented high-torque, 48 volt brushless planetary gear motor that consumes low power. In fact, its regenerative braking works so well that during my 18-hole round, its lithium battery life dropped a total of 3 percent. Then there’s the very smooth ride – I mean, my cycle never bounced despite the terrain I drove on. That’s due to the front suspension and rear shock. And the fact that the bench-style seat is padded very well. Braking was equally as smooth – albeit a little squeaky at times – via the front and rear pull lever disc system. The front tire is larger than the rear, which is the one that houses the motor. The entire cycle weighs 80 pounds without the 12-pound battery.

So how was the experience? Absolutely fantastic. As an electric bike rider, I found myself constantly trying to push pedals that don’t exist. Instead, there are little floorboards for you to rest your feet on. You get the cycle moving by pushing the thumb throttle – which offers a slow-start acceleration and gets going up to 15 miles per hour. You definitely don’t need to go that fast, if you’re for any reason uncomfortable. But trust me, you’re not moving any faster than a golf cart.

Your golf bag lays on the neck of the frame, so that you access your clubs from in front of the vehicle. It straps in securely. I seriously never heard my clubs rattle at any time during my round. And the kickstand is essentially a mini golf club replica that works like all bike kickstands. I found it to work fluidly and offer a fun look. There’s also room for a cooler on the back, drinks on the handlebars, and a plastic sand bottle for filling in divots.

It runs extremely quietly, and best of all got me right to my ball every time — except for putts. Even on cart-path-only holes, I was able to ride around the ropes and right up the fairway. Course officials I assume were okay with this, as several watched and didn’t scold me.

Trust me: Whether or not you have experience riding e-bikes, you will easily adapt to this scooter in less than a hole. It’s super fun, comfortable and smooth. And one nice side benefit of taking the Finn out on the course: While your playing partners are hitting their shots, you always have a comfortable seat to relax on.

For what it’s worth, two of us played 18 holes riding the carts in two hours and 50 minutes. That’s a great speed to play at, without ever rushing. My friend noted that it’s also a perfect vehicle to take when you want to get a quick round in before sundown. Buying one will set you back $3,500. But you’ll forget about the cost the moment you start chasing down your tee shots.

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