Heather Graham’s five most sizzling bikini looks at 53 – see gorgeous photos – HELLO!

Heather Graham will celebrate her 54th birthday in just six months and there’s no denying she is looking better than ever. 

The 53-year-old credits an insane amount of sleep, a sugar-free diet, and plenty of yoga for her incredible physique – and her dedication to her health certainly shows in her appearance, with the actress often causing a stir among her followers when she shares sizzling bikini photos on social media. 

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Speaking about her healthy lifestyle, the Boogie Nights star told NewBeauty in April: “I think one of the main things is sleep. I try to get a lot of sleep. Beyond that, I think just being happy on the inside and whatever. I do all the self-help stuff: I meditate, I do yoga, I work through all the stuff in therapy, then do all the different kinds of sorting through my inner world to make myself feel happy on the inside.”

Revealing just how much sleep she aims for each night, she told The Guardian in 2016: “When I tell people how much I sleep sometimes, they are horrified. I basically sleep between nine and 12 hours a night.” 

She also makes sure she stays active. “I’m obsessed with yoga,” she told Refinery 29. “For fun, I would go on a yoga retreat and do four hours of yoga a day. And then I do Pilates. I also like going out dancing.” 

As for her diet, Heather explained: “I used to eat sweets all the time. I was a big sugar person, but now, I’m like, ‘I can’t do that,’ so I try to eat healthier. I try to choose what’s right for my body.” 

If you need inspiration to follow in Heather’s footsteps, look at some of her best bikini moments below…

Heather Graham’s best bikini looks

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