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  • The Last of Us season 2 won’t include special episodes like the Bill and Frank one, which is good news for Ellie and the main storyline of the show.
  • The focus needs to be on Ellie’s story in season 2, as she is the driving force behind the game and the adaptation, and is poised to save the likes of Bill and Frank.
  • Another episode focused on unique characters would feel strange in season 2, as viewers are now more interested in Ellie and Joel’s story and want answers. The show should prioritize the main cast and the story.

The last of us Season 2 won’t feature another Bill and Frank-like episode, and that update is welcome news for its main character, Ellie. HBO’s adaptation of Naughty Dog’s beloved video game series, The last of us, takes place in a world ravaged by a fungal disease. The disease turns humans into zombie-like creatures that continue the cycle by biting other humans. The series follows two survivors, Joel and Ellie, as they travel across the United States in hopes of using Ellie’s blood to create a cure.

Although Joel and Ellie are The last of us’ drives, one of its best episodes focuses on two other characters. The last of us Season 1, Episode 3, “Long, Long Time,” departs from their journey and focuses on the lives of Joel’s allies Bill and Frank. The installment shows how the couple meet and how they find love and joy in a post-apocalyptic world. “Long, Long Time” proved to be a critical success when it debuted, but Showrunner Craig Mazin confirmed that The last of us season 2 will not include any special episodes. Considering where season 1 ends, it’s probably for the best.

The Last Of Us Season 2 Should Focus On Ellie’s Story, Not Unique Characters

With The last of us season 1 sets up a scenario where most humans have become monsters, Bill and Frank’s story is important to tell. Even if it doesn’t directly impact the overall plot, it offers the perspective of ordinary people whose lives have been upended by the collapse of society. Including such points of view improves the construction of the world. However, The last of us should primarily focus on Ellie’s story from season 2 onwards. After all, she is the driving force behind The last of us video games and the HBO adaptation. She’s also prepared to save the likes of Bill and Frank from further devastation.

The last of us The season 1 finale sets the stage for Ellie’s interesting character development as Joel steals her chance to choose. He stops the fireflies from operating on her, saving Ellie from certain death but killing many others in the process. He never asks Ellie what she wants: to save herself or the rest of humanity. Joel then lies to Ellie about what’s going on, something that will create friction between the couple in The last of us season 2. It will force Ramsey’s character to make tough decisions, and that conflict should take center stage as the show reaches its climax.

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Another “Bill & Frank” Episode Would Feel Weird in Last Of Us Season 2

Bill and Frank in episode 3 of The Last of Us

The last of us Season 2 should focus on Ellie, not unique characters, and doing the latter would feel weird at this stage in the series. The Bill and Frank episode works for a couple of reasons, but they no longer apply. For one thing, viewers aren’t as invested in Ellie and Joel for The last of us episode 3, so temporarily stepping back from your story doesn’t feel frustrating. Now that the public has cared about these characters, they want to know what happens next. Switching to another perspective will only upset those who are waiting for answers.

Besides, The last of us he spends season 1 setting up his world, and Bill and Frank contribute to that. With most of the major world building done, season 2 has little reason to explore the transition from before the apocalypse to after. The show is better if it focuses in he main cast and story in The last of us season 2. Anything else will just be a distraction.

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