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young nba guy has added some new ink to his already expanding collection across his body, and this time, he’s opted for a Halloween theme.

The “Fresh Prince of Utah” rapper took to instagram on Sunday (July 23) to show off her new face tattoos, which include a cobweb-covered coffin and upside-down head on her forehead, and a skull and bones symbol behind her left ear.

“This better be real,” he captioned his post, which also contained photos of him showing off his floss jewelry and painted nailsas well as flashing a smile for the camera while flexing one of his many expensive sports cars.

YoungBoy has quite a few face tattoos, including the name “Hassen” on his left temple, the word “Restrained” on his left cheek, and a diamond under his left eye.

He also has a large number of neck tattoos with various symbols and images.

Take a look at their new tattoos below:

Ahead of his latest Halloween-inspired face tattoos, NBA YoungBoy He got some ink done in March to honor his wife, Jazlyn Mychelle.

Eagle-eyed fans spotted the tattoo in the music video for YoungBoy’s “Members Only” collaboration with Bay Area native ZAYEL. In a scene towards the end of the clip, YB is bench pressing a barbell in his home gym when his shirt is lifted to reveal his wife’s name, Jazlyn, tattooed on her lower abdomen.

NBA YoungBoy and Jazlyn they supposedly got married in january. While neither has confirmed her marriage, a copy of a Utah County marriage license showing her full names, Kentrell Gaulden and Jazlyn Mychelle Hayes, surfaced on social media.

Jazlyn was notably featured on the cover of YB’s gangsta grillz mixtape Mom I have a family, which fell last October . The couple have been dating for over two years, and welcomed their first child together, a daughter named Alice in 2021.

Tyler, The Creator dispels the myth about NBA YoungBoy: ‘He really is a sweetheart’

they then announced the birth of their second child, a boy, in September 2022making YoungBoy the father of 10 children in total.

YoungBoy has changed his appearance several times throughout his career, from growing his hair to wearing jewelry in his mouth. But in 2021, the Baton Rouge native made headlines when she opted to wear black lipstick and dark makeup around her eyes for his “Black Ball” video.

While searching for answers at the time, academics asked NBA YoungBoy about the inspiration behind wearing the makeup in Clubhouse.

“I like to paint my face, put on makeup,” the rapper explained. “I like to look in the mirror and see everything black. Like my eyes and shit. That’s one hundred percent real! That’s me being myself. I feel comfortable that way. That’s some MAC shit [Cosmetics] I had my engineer go shopping. He gives me a gothic feeling, like rock stars.”

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