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Clay Schueffner is a great run defender for Winona State who exhibits good instincts and a quality range. Senior hula bowl Scout Mike Bey analyzes Schueffner as a NFL prospect in your report.

player data

Name, Jersey # Clay Schueffner, #39
school code) MNWI
Date of birth, class year 7/19/99, 6he YEAR RS SR
Height Weight 6010e, 230e
40 yard dash N/A
arms, hands N/A, N/A
Position/Depth LB/1st
Honors / Captaincy 1street All-NSIC Team (’21 & ’22)
View season (year) 2022
games watched SDSF, SDAU, @MNBM
Browser name/date mikebey7/22/23

Statistics by year (Most recent first)

2022 12 GP, 12 GS, 122 Tkl, 7.5 TFL, 3 INT, 4 PD
2021 11 GP, 11 GS, 92 Tkl, 1.5 TFL, 1 bag, 2 PD, 1 FF
2020 DNP (Covid)
2019 12 GP, 12 GS, 76 Tkl, 3.5 TFL, .5 Bag, 4 INT, 6 PD
2018 N/A (red shirt)

player summary:

Full-time starter for 6th year SR and 3 years at LB where he lines up at MIKE in MNWI’s strong 4-3 defense. He is of average height with marginal weight and a powerful build. He is a good athlete displaying a combination of good explosiveness, acceleration, lateral quickness and agility, solid COD and average balance with solid speed of play. He is above average against the race. He exhibits solid FBI as he quickly reads run/pass and exhibits average playing strength with solid UOH as he disconnects from TE and IOL with sub-par UOH and physical toughness. He possesses good instincts when he navigates through traffic and takes the right angle on the chase. He possesses a range of quality that allows him to play from SL to SL and exhibits good explosiveness and form while tackling RB with solid size and AA avoiding a big gain. He is solid coverage in general. In zone, he drops quickly to defend the zone hook and loop as well as the deep third at Tampa 2, displaying average awareness as he effectively patrols his zone with good AA of his while reading the QB. In rare cases where he is manned, he shows the ability to carry TE with below average play speed. He displays above-average ball skills, as he does a good job of tracking the ball in the air before showing solid hands when he makes the interception. He shows some good competitive toughness as he isn’t afraid to stick his nose into a bunch when he makes the tackle. He plays with an above-average engine, as he consistently plays to the whistle. Lack of quality playing strength prevents you from quickly disengaging from OL with good grip strength and physical toughness. The lack of quality play speed allows RB with good acceleration to get behind him on wheel routes in man coverage, as well as finish with a sack when rushing the QB.

Scheme Adjustment:

4-3 MIKE


Proxy statement:

A smart, lean player who excels against the run and is solid in zone coverage. He has a hard time disengaging quickly from IOL with good size and grip strength due to a lack of quality playing strength.

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